Youthfulness, yes – but not at any price

Forever young, who does not wish that? Since time immemorial, the natural aging process has been a topic that mankind has taken up and tried to eradicate the signs of time with perfumed waters, beauty patches, miracle drinks, ointments or lasers, chemical peels and scalpels. The goal is, to maintain or bring back youthfulness. In the meantime, many things are possible in aesthetic plastic surgery and almost every actual or only subjectively perceived blemish can be repaired without any problems. However, this does not only have advantages.

Beauty ideals in times of social media and co.

Originally, cosmetic surgery had the background of enabling people to improve their quality of life after accidents or with deformities. In the meantime, however, the tide has turned. Of course, aesthetic plastic surgery continues to be used in just such cases, but for most patients, the desire for a younger appearance as a motivation for treatment.

As the current evaluation of an anonymous survey by the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows, most patients (34.6%) orient themselves on their former appearance when it comes to their desired image. One tenth stated in the survey that they orientate themselves on the Appearance of other persons of the same age to be oriented, while 2.3% strive for the appearance of a media personality or social media star.

In principle, this is a good thing at first, since one’s own self is naturally a more realistic role model than famous personalities. However, this wishful thinking also has its dangers.

When the pursuit of youthfulness becomes an addiction

Eliminate a few wrinkles, make the lip a little fuller and why not lift the cheeks a little more? With many procedures that are not based on disproportionate or asymmetrical body parts, but rather on the Striving for lasting youthfulness and an above-average appearance are motivated, the patients usually become permanent guests at the beauty clinic.

It may even go so far as to result in this Beauty and youthfulness mania a disorder develops. Cosmetic surgery cannot be a solution here – on the contrary, it can even lead to addiction. A person’s psyche cannot be treated with a scalpel.

It should not be forgotten that every intervention and operation carries risks, especially when procedures are performed repeatedly on the same area of the body. Education and responsibility on the part of the attending physicians are therefore a necessary sign of competence.

Aesthetic surgery with sense of proportion and responsibility

Although aesthetic plastic surgery cannot cure a person’s psyche, it can – and in most cases this is worth a great deal – help patients to gain more self-confidence and self-assurance and thus give them a bit more quality of life. However, it is indispensable for this success that the doctor acts with caution and has a consultation beforehand to explain exactly what the motivation for the intervention is and to get a clear picture of his patients. Good specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery take the wishes of their patients seriously, but they also point out possible dangers and risks.

Dr. Martha Bernard’s main concern is not only to improve her patients’ self-perception with the help of aesthetic plastic surgery, but also to help them to enjoy life more – but with a sense of proportion.

The focus is always on a natural result with which those treated feel comfortable and leave the practice with a radiant face. It must be clear to patients which treatments are to be carried out. realistic and feasible are. Only in this way can the intervention ultimately be successful. However, it is also important to mention that even feasible interventions can be rejected by the physician – indeed, they must be rejected as soon as signs of a mental disorder or addiction are present.