Younger appearance through a balanced diet?

It is well known that a balanced diet can influence many different processes in the body. However, few people know that the consumption of certain foods can also directly affect the skin and thus the appearance. What exactly constitutes healthy nutrition has been a controversial issue for decades, even among experts.

New studies provide evidence that a Restriction of the daily amount of calories can prolong life. The recommendation is to save about 500 kilocalories every day. Starvation is not advisable, however, as it exposes the body to additional stress and can have a negative effect on mood. However, it can be healthy to skip dinner on two or three evenings a week, so-called Dinner-Cancelling. However, this is only recommended for people whose sleep quality does not suffer from this method, otherwise other health consequences may occur.

However, not only the amount of calories is important, but also the type of diet. Here it is best to follow the recommendations of the Food pyramid. The most important points to consider when making healthy food choices are low-fat cuisine with plenty of fruits and vegetables and moderate amounts of fish and meat. Mediterranean cuisine, for example, implements many of these recommendations.

Skin aging due to free radicals

One process that contributes to the aging and damage of cells in the body is oxidative stress. This is caused by free radicals causes, especially reactive molecules.

The formation of these substances is a natural process in the body, but can also be caused by Smoking or Solar radiation take place, two known factors that accelerate aging.

In the body, there is a system of enzymes and mechanisms to render these radicals harmless before they can even attack the cells. For the function of this system are Vitamins and minerals are indispensable, which is why the recommendation of five fruit and vegetable portions per day has been made. This ensures an adequate supply of these substances.

Dos and Don’ts in food selection

Particularly effective foods in the fight against free radicals are Tomatoes, avocados, berries and nuts. Avoid foods such as Alcohol, too much Sugar (soft drinks!), charred meat at barbecues in the summer or excessive Salt consumption.

These can, as well as many saturated fatty acids, which damage skin cells and make blemishes more prominent. Also Sweetener, which is popular as a supposedly healthy sugar substitute, should not be used in excessive doses. There is evidence that the risk for a Diabetes mellitus type 2 increases due to the consumption of artificial sweeteners. This in turn accelerates the aging process in the skin.

By choosing the right foods, it is possible to limit the formation of harmful substances in the body. Damaged cells lead to wrinkles and make the skin look older and saggier. By preventing cell damage, a younger appearance can thus be preserved.

The right balanced diet after surgery

A balanced diet is also important after surgery to ensure a optimal wound healing and a possible good result ensure. Deficiencies can delay wound healing and promote infections, which can delay the healing process and ultimately intensify the scar. Experienced specialists such as Dr. Bernard will be happy to provide you with advice based on their expertise and can give you valuable tips and advice for optimal care after surgery.