Wrinkles gone thanks to fasting cure?

So-called fasting cures are becoming increasingly popular. The fasting person abstains almost completely from food intake for a week or longer. This renunciation is combined with sufficient fluid intake, exercise and relaxation. What exactly happens during this time in the body, is not yet completely clear physicians and scientists. However, the calorie deficit achieved leads to weight loss in any case.

Many people who have already gone through a fasting cure report feeling better during this relaxed, fresh and fit to have felt. Furthermore, fasting people often experience considerable improvements in the appearance of their skin. Skin blemishes disappear after a short time and the skin appears firmer and rosier than before.

Some experts assume that this is due to the production of Sirtuinen can be traced back to the development of sirtuins. These are enzymes that have become the focus of much research in recent years. They are capable of modifying numerous enzymes and proteins. Many of these enzymes and proteins play a key role in the development of certain diseases. Sirtuins for this reason, are being researched especially in terms of their ability to prevent the development of some diseases or to cure these diseases. In connection with the fasting cure it can be assumed that Sirtuine “activated” when man starves.

What positive effects occur? What are the dangers?

Orange peel skin, pimples and a pale skin color disappear at least partially in many fasting people. They appear more rested and healthier. Due to the taut skin freed from impurities, they also often appear younger and more attractive than before. During the chamfering cure additionally less harmful “growth factors” and fewer proteins, which can be classified as precarious, are produced. This leads to the subsiding of inflammations. Ultimately, the disappearance of skin blemishes can probably be attributed primarily to this effect.

Stronger wrinkles, for example, in the face, however, cannot be eliminated even by a fasting cure. Here we recommend the Use of certain , which, when used by an experienced plastic surgery specialist to treat wrinkles, produces significantly positive and natural results even after a single application.

It should also be noted that a fasting cure, despite its positive effect, cannot be performed by everyone. The body is weakened by the greatly reduced energy intake. Only healthy people should perform a fasting cure. In addition, a medical consultation and care before, during and after the cure is advisable. This will ensure that no “side effects” occur.

How sustainable is a fasting cure?

One consequence of their cure feared by many fasters is the yo-yo effect. If little food is consumed, it is often observed that the lost weight returns twice following the diet. This should be avoided at all costs. In principle, it is not impossible to prevent the yo-yo effect with a little discipline. Generally also during the chamfering cure on the food supply should be paid attention. A fasting cure should not a zero diet be – the fasting person must take in food. This happens – already alone because of the definition of the term “fasting” – in clearly smaller extent than normally.

A complete renunciation should be avoided, however.

Furthermore, following the cure, a “Fasting out take place. During this period, which should last at least three or four days, the body is slowly accustomed to the usual amount of food. Anyone who eats normally again directly after fasting will inevitably gain a lot of weight. The body imagines itself to be in a starvation situation and is anxious to build up reserves for “bad times”. Through the “fasting out” this can be prevented. Before starting the fasting cure, a doctor should be consulted. This can also be done via the “Fasting out” advise.