Wrinkle creams in test

Recently on the way home: I had a short night (without face cream against wrinkles) and come from a busy day at the office. Zoom meeting after zoom meeting… Then take car to garage and go shopping.

Heavily packed, almost at my destination, a young gentleman in the S-Bahn gives me a pitying look and asks the question: whether he may offer me his seat? I stand, but it sits. Is that just polite, or do I really look so damn old despite the nose and mouth mask on my face? Has stress and lack of sleep done such a number on my appearance? Have I gone too long without face cream against wrinkles… Should I test wrinkle creams?

Anyway, in any case, it is certain that from now on I will resist more against the biological clock of decay, invest more time and money in my care and actually test wrinkle creams. As a fan of a complete range of products, I choose “Dormacell” from Asambeauty. The anti-wrinkle face creams promise a highly effective blend of natural plant extracts and innovative ingredients. The idea is to recover and protect the skin as quickly as possible for a youthful, radiant complexion. The anti-aging face cream range consists of five products! I’m in.

Wrinkle creams in the test – how effective are active ingredients?

Excitedly, I open the lid of the Asambeauty day cream “Dormacell Radiance Cream”. A delicate, floral scent comes to me. The texture is wonderfully rich and I immediately have the feeling, this cream does me good! Numerous active ingredients such as the moss extract in combination with the narcissus extract are supposed to slow down the aging process. The special active ingredient from the Wu Zhu fruit make the skin radiant, caffeine has a stimulating and vitalizing effect. Fine care oils relax the skin.

In the evening, I use the “Fast Recovery Serum” before the M. Asam “Night Recovery Cream”, whereby the elastin synthesis is additionally stimulated and wrinkles are thereby reduced. And, do the face creams against wrinkles keep what they promise? After the first few applications, my skin already feels saturated with moisture, pleasantly saturated and refreshed. But wrinkles gone? Unfortunately, they are only softened. But still. I continue to cream.

Test result

After three weeks, a friend says to me that I look relaxed. I wonder if I just had some time off. Nope, another long day at the office. So I wonder if it’s the products after all. Admittedly, in the future I will continue to supplement the anti-aging face cream from the luxury jar with a prick from the beauty doc, but without overdoing it and losing face in the process. After all, there is hardly anything more personal than one’s own skin – and the better cared for it is, the better Botox and fillers work…

The M. Asam products from the “Dormacell” range from about 19 euros.