World novelty against cellulite

Whether creams, diet or exercise – until now nothing really helped against severe cellulite. But with Cellfina, an innovative world first is now coming to Germany that is already considered a milestone in sustainable cellulite treatment.

Most women are in the same suffering club: 85 percent suffer from cellulite – in varying degrees of severity, of course. Even if this fact is somewhat reassuring, the dimples on the buttocks and thighs still remain unsightly. Their cause lies in fine, vertically running connective tissue fibers in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the thigh and buttock area. Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle cause these fibers to swell or shorten, resulting in a skin appearance reminiscent of orange peel skin. But what can be done about it?

The beauty market is booming with big promises: Creams are supposed to smooth, ampoules to tighten, massagers to firm. But as a rule, all this is a waste of love and, above all, money when it comes to cellulite. Every year, women around the world invest more than six billion US dollars in such – often unsuccessful – treatments.

Cellfina is a world first against cellulite

But now there is a treatment method that actually helps: “Cellfina is a world first and the only system that has been clinically tested and certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and CE certified to demonstrably guarantee long-term treatment success for severe cellulite,” explains aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Markus Klöppel, one of seven doctors in Germany who can offer Cellfina exclusively to their patients.

The mechanism of action works as follows: Minimally invasive and under local anesthesia, the connective tissue fibers that cause cellulite are loosened by means of subcision and fine stitches under the skin with an oscillating, narrow and needle-shaped device, allowing the skin in the affected areas to relax and retract to its original smooth position.

Very good results for severe cellulite

You can imagine this in a similar way to a Chesterfield sofa: the buttons on the fabric provide the typical dimpled pattern. If you loosen the button, the material pops up – the sofa becomes smooth.

Dr. Klöppel is convinced of the results: “The results are impressive, and the patients are also highly satisfied and regain their self-confidence.” They have to allow about 45-60 minutes for the treatment time and have no downtime afterwards. “Patients can go about their daily lives or jobs immediately afterwards, and even light sports are allowed again after about two to three days,” the doctor explains. Possible SIDE EFFECTS are bruising, tightness or increased sensitivity on the treated skin areas.

The RESULT is visible after three days and lasts at least two years. “Even after three years, 93 percent of patients are still satisfied. The COST per treatment start at 2,500 euros and average 3,500 euros. These are not reimbursed by the health insurance.

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