With radio frequency against cellulite

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The problem is a purely female one: if you search through the studies on the subject, you will learn that in this country, as well as around the world, 80 to 90 percent of all women suffer from cellulite – models included, by the way. Can radiofrequency treatments help? A field report.

Actually, Franziska N.* is quite satisfied with her body. She lives very consciously, eats healthily and exercises regularly. But no matter what means she has used to tackle her admittedly not very pronounced dents and waves, there has been no visible success. The 36-year-old is now all the more curious about a device that is supposed to improve cellulite with radio frequency.

The cause of cellulite is an unfortunate way of storing fat from an aesthetic point of view. While men accumulate their fat reserves mainly between the organs in the abdomen, female sex hormones preferentially direct the reserves under the skin on the buttocks and thighs. Women also store about 12 percent more fat in their bodies than men. If the fat cells then encounter weak connective tissue, they can cluster together to form veritable nests that become visible externally in the form of dents and ripples.

A non-invasive and painless way to get the legs and buttocks in shape is treatment with the radiofrequency device “BTL Exilis Elite”, which is approved by the strict US authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration). “Ideally suited against cellulite, for the inner thighs or also against wrinkles above the knee,” emphasizes Dr. Sonja Sattler, expert dermatologist and head of the Rosenpark Clinic in Darmstadt and BELLARI Rosenpark.

Layering technique makes targeted treatment possible

Cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of all women - including models, by the way. Can treatments with radio frequency help? A field report.The device is used in Bellari’s treatment plan in both Frankfurt and Hamburg. And how exactly does “BTL Exilis Elite” work? Using a handpiece, the subcutaneous fat is heated up to 45 degrees Celsius, which not only reduces fat cells, but also, and more importantly, stimulates the formation of collagen fibers in the connective tissue. “Thanks to an integrated cooling system that can be adjusted in very fine steps, the penetration depth of the radiofrequency can be determined individually using a so-called layering technique, and the skin and connective tissue are tightened and smoothed in the long term. There are actually no side effects. The skin may be red for a short time after the treatment,” says Dr. Sattler.

The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and how does it feel? “Actually quite pleasant,” says Franziska N. “Almost like a massage, with the legs and buttocks getting warmer and warmer.” And Dr. Sattler notes, “By the way, this warmth development remains for some time after the treatment. As a result, the firming effect continues to build successively even after the treatment. For the problem zones on legs and buttocks, six sessions at intervals of one week are usually recommended. Final results are visible after three months.”

Cost per treatment from 200 euros.

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* Name is known to the editors