Why wrinkle treatment can help

The natural aging process ensures that our skin loses elasticity over the years and more wrinkles form more quickly. But stress, an unhealthy diet, nicotine consumption, lack of sleep and other external influences also put extreme strain on the skin. This becomes visible in wrinkles, which are part of aging, but not always to the optical advantage.

Wrinkles can make a face look years older. However, affected women of all ages can successfully counteract this. With a uncomplicated wrinkle lift or a gentle skin tightening small wrinkles can be corrected and further wrinkle formation can be prevented. Annoying wrinkles around eye areas are effectively smoothed, disturbing wrinkles around the corners of the mouth or furrows on the forehead are minimized.

A Wrinkle treatment with Dr. Bernard provides a quick refreshment of the skin, produces a subtle rejuvenating effect, restores vitality to sagging skin areas and reduces facial wrinkles.

Attractiveness does not have to be painful

A Treatment with hyaluron is gentle and effective at the same time. Hyaluronic acid regulates the moisture content of the skin. It is gently injected into the appropriate areas. The result is visibly younger and smoother facial areas. Many female patients are convinced by the particularly good tolerability. The active ingredient has virtually no side effects.

Also promising is a Treatment with Botoxwhich has proven itself time and again with female patients for many years. Dr. Bernard relies on targeted consultation in order to subsequently treat her patients individually. The following is used active ingredient Botox preferably to smooth expression lines, for example deeper wrinkles on the forehead.

A Wrinkle treatment is suitable for all women whose skin suffers from Elasticity has lost and who want an effective and speedy rejuvenating cure.

Wrinkle treatment for women worth it

Female patients benefit from a competent team and a experienced doctor for plastic and aesthetic surgery. The Team of Dr. Bernard and Dr. Schreyer is there for every patient. Dr. Bernard is passionate about listening to her patients’ needs and helping them with their desires for a beautiful appearance. She is a specialist in the field of breast augmentation and brings many years of experience in the aesthetic plastic and general plastic surgery With.

In her practice, patients feel comfortable and place themselves in the trusting hands of a well-coordinated team and experienced doctors. Dr. Bernard regularly performs outpatient treatments and also surgeries in her practice.