Why the preliminary consultation is so important for breast augmentation

Breast augmentations are one of the cosmetic surgeries that are performed most frequently worldwide are performed. In Germany, about 45,000 women entrust themselves to a surgeon for this procedure every year. In the USA, this figure is around 270,000 women, and in Colombia, which with 49 million inhabitants is significantly smaller than Germany, there are still 41,000 patients.

The reasons for breast augmentation are highly diverse

Some women are simply not satisfied with their cup size. Often, however, it is also the case that the breasts do not match the other Body proportions fit. A clear difference in size between left and right breast can disfigure the external appearance.

Many women decide to have a Accident or one Breast Cancer Surgery for having the breast reconstructed.

Pregnancies also leave their mark on the female body. Very often, female patients who have breastfed several children simply no longer feel comfortable in their bodies.

In these cases, a surgical intervention is the only way to restore the good appearance and with it the self-confidence of those affected to restore. No matter for what reason a woman decides to have a breast correction, one thing is particularly important: a thorough preliminary discussion with the trusted doctor.

The consultation should provide comprehensive information

In the first consultation should all important topics taken up and to enable the patient to have a informed decision to make.

The fact that cosmetic breast surgery is already a standard procedure today does not mean that there are no longer any risks associated with it. The Munich surgeon Dr. Martha Bernard therefore takes a lot of time for the first consultation and informs her patients comprehensively about the possible advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation.

Which topics should be clarified in the preliminary consultation?

As already explained, the Risks of breast augmentation should not be underestimated. However, how dangerous such a procedure actually is depends very much on the patient’s state of health and lifestyle habits.

At the beginning of the consultation, therefore, a medical history is taken and all relevant health data are collected. Only then can the patient be competently informed about the expected risks.

Another important topic that should be discussed in the preliminary interview is the Question of the incision. No woman wants to be disfigured by unsightly scars. If the affected woman still wishes to have children and breastfeed them later, the Scar reduction no longer the only relevant factor.

Even with the Choice of the individually right implant the patient is dependent on the qualified advice from her doctor instructed.

For working women, it is also important to know how long the Downtime after surgery lasts as expected and when they will be able to bear full weight again.

Last but not least, the preliminary discussion will include the financial framework conditions explained, as health insurance companies rarely cover the cost of the procedure.

Which wishes are realistic?

In order for breast augmentation to be successful, it is extremely important that the patient understands her wishes and ideas openly. Modern plastic surgery is very efficient, but it cannot make all wishes come true.

Very often, those affected themselves do not have a realistic image of themselves in their minds. Hardly any woman can escape the influence of the daily flood of images that present us with computer-optimized, perfect bodies. Modern technology helps with this dilemma. – Some plastic surgeons now work with 3D simulation. The software takes the possible results of the surgery and demonstrates to the patient what she may look like after the procedure. This method helps women to find the best ideal breast shape to find and protects from disappointmentsince the possible surgical result can already be observed and evaluated on the computer.

Dr. Bernard uses for this Crisalix 4D. A 3D simulation software, which thanks to a mobile scanner and the transmission in real time, the possible results of the patient and doctor immediately presented on a screen in 3D. – If you have any questions about breast augmentation, Dr. Bernard will be happy to advise you in her practice.

More information about Crisalix 4D.