Why hyaluron is not just hyaluron

Wrinkle injection with hyaluron is one of the most frequently practiced cosmetic procedures. For the success of the treatment as well as the health of the patient, not least the material used for wrinkle injections is of decisive importance. At LIPS and SKIN, I perform hyaluronic treatments on my Munich patients exclusively with JUVEDERM products. I also use this brand on myself, and I have been able to convince myself of its high quality and reliability in numerous treatments.

What is Hyaluron?

Hyaluron (actually: hyaluronic acid) is a clear, viscous liquid and an important component of the human body. It is found in skin, bones, cartilage, connective tissue, and especially wherever a lot of fluid needs to be bound, for example in the eyes or in the joints. The most important property of hyaluron is its ability to bind high amounts of water. It is primarily hyaluron that naturally gives the skin moisture, elasticity and resilience.

Native, uncrosslinked and crosslinked hyaluronic acid

Different types of hyaluron are used in aesthetic medicine. A distinction is made between native, non-crosslinked and crosslinked hyaluron.

  • Native hyaluron, which is very similar to the body’s own hyaluron, is mainly used for the anabolic metabolism of fibroblasts. It is water-soluble and can be easily degraded enzymatically, which is why it is not very stable. Native, non-cross-linked hyaluron is frequently used in therapeutic mesotherapy and is also used for skin creams; it is less frequently encountered in aesthetic medicine.
  • Cross-linked hyaluron is used primarily to create volume. It is insoluble in water and resistant to enzymatic degradation. Therefore, it is also stable for a significantly longer time. Cross-linked hyaluron is the essential ingredient in aesthetic medical fillers.

Type and extent of crosslinking decisive

The amount of cross-linked hyaluronan used in the filler and the type of cross-linking determine key properties of the filler, including:

  • The Capacityto bind water. It increases with the degree of crosslinking.
  • The Shelf life of the filling effect after injection. It also increases with the degree of crosslinking.
  • The Viscosity (viscosity) of the filler. It also increases with the degree of crosslinking, but also depends on the crosslinking technology. It can be seen that this is a central point for the quality of the filler, because on the one hand one wants long-lasting effects, which speaks for a high degree of crosslinking. On the other hand, one also wants to make the treatment comfortable for the patient, which is favored by a lower viscosity, but which speaks against a high degree of crosslinking. The crosslinking technology is therefore of decisive importance in this contradiction.

The Vycross crosslinking technology from JUVEDERM

The company JUVEDERM (ALLERGAN) manufactures the fillers I use, VOLBELLA, VOLIFT,VOLUME and VOLITE, using an innovative cross-linking process they call “Vycross”. In the Vycross technology, the hyaluron is first cross-linked and then divided into particles of different sizes. The smaller particles are more easily degradable and have lower viscosity. The larger particles are longer lasting and have greater viscosity. The mixture of both types of particles results in hyaluronic fillers with high viscosity and long-lasting effect. In addition, Vycross fillers are characterized by particularly good tissue integration.

Optimum tissue integration is an important quality factor

For the optical success of wrinkle treatment with hyaluron, the decisive factor is how well the hyaluron gel bonds with the tissue. This is referred to as “tissue integration”. Optimal tissue integration creates a harmonious relationship between the gel and its surrounding tissue. The optical effect is thus perfect. The treated area looks absolutely natural. The patient’s comfort is also maximized: everything “sits” as it should, the gel is integrated seamlessly into the tissue, there are no irritating globules and no palpable lumps.

The lips react particularly sensitively

Especially in the sensitive lip region, this is a decisive factor that determines the success or failure of the treatment from the patient’s point of view. For lip injections I therefore use only the top product from JUVEDERM, the unique VOLBELLA. Studies as well as my own experience prove that VOLBELLA produces excellent and long-lasting results in lip injections. See the following video, which JUVEDERM has kindly provided us with. It illustrates in a very clear way why it is essential to ensure that the tissue integration of the hyaluronic product used is optimal when injecting wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.