What you should pay attention to after a breast reduction surgery

A Breast Reduction is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Therefore, the aftercare and healing process is closely monitored and carried out.

The breast was surgically reduced, but what should be considered now?

If the surgery could be performed without complications, then you can go home a few hours afterwards. However, if there were complications or if the surgery took longer than expected, you should plan for a day in the hospital.

Do you engage in any activity that can be done mostly in a sitting position? If so, you can return to work as early as 2-5 days after your breast reduction.

However, if you perform physically strenuous activities, you should allow yourself at least three weeks of rest. Jerky movements should be avoided. In addition, you should not lift heavy loads.

What they can additionally pay attention to:

  • sleep on your back
  • Avoid sun, solarium and sauna for eight weeks: the healing process of the scars can be disturbed
  • Do not do sports for at least eight weeks
  • Wear support bra 24h to relieve breast pressure, prevent swelling and promote wound healing
  • comfortable and supportive bras are also useful afterwards
  • light cooling has a soothing effect
  • attend all control appointments

The Pain after such a breast reduction are rather small and can be easily controlled with pain medication. After about three weeks, a slight feeling of tension, swelling and bruising also subside.

If you have Scars care properly, these will most likely be inconspicuous later. There will be mostly self dissolving sutures selected, so you do not have to worry about another appointment for thread removal.

Breast reduction and child planning

Even with a previous breast reduction, you can breastfeed. Nevertheless, it is possible that there may be a Inability to breastfeed comes because there were complications with the nipple under the operation.

In addition, the breast may change due to pregnancy and childbirth.

This can also visibly change the result of breast reduction. Therefore, before you consider breast reduction, you should first check their Child planning consider.