What you can do against dark circles

As Circles under the eyes is the term used to describe the dark colored area under the eyes. Eye circles are visible at first glance and make the face appear tired, weary and older than it probably is. Additional bags under the eyes can further support the image and become a real burden for those affected.

The skin hangs limp and wrinkled in the affected area. Even though dark circles are usually harmless, they still have a disturbing effect on the observer and cloud the view in the mirror. To avoid exactly this, as well as to get rid of negative emotions that cause dark circles in many people, more and more people undergo surgery.

Circles under the eyes and their causes

The unsightly, shadowed areas below the lower eyelid can have various causes. Which exactly are to blame, the affected person should definitely clarify with his doctor. Some people have a genetic predisposition to dark circles: The skin located below the lower eyelid is very thin and padded by only a little fatty tissue, so that the blood vessels show through and give the skin a bluish tint. In some patients, this is also caused by a deep lacrimal furrow for the Skin shading. In rare cases, skin shading occurs due to congenital or acquired Hyperpigmentation (solarium!) to dark circles under the eyes.

In most cases, the personal lifestyle is the cause of the aesthetic problem: too little sleep, too little sleep depth, unhealthy diet, too little exercise in fresh air, stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes, acute or chronic overexertion, too much television consumption and sitting too long in front of the computer screen. Overtiredness and increased consumption of stimulants. cause an undersupply of oxygen to the blood and thus promote the formation of dark circles under the eyes.

The consequence is: The composition of the blood changes. It becomes darker and more prominent under the skin. Also a severe iron, zinc or vitamin C deficiency. can lead to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. In order to clarify what is the cause of the dark circles under the eyes, one should absolutely Have a CBC done and consult with his attending physician.

In addition, a diet too high in salt can cause dehydration of the body. A consequence of the Dehydration Is that the blood becomes more viscous and shows through the thin layers of skin. Disease-related causes of dark circles are Heart, kidney, liver or thyroid disorders, neurodermatitis and disorders of melanin metabolism.. Also different allergies (pollen allergy, dust allergy and animal hair allergy) lead to the formation of eye rings. If the affected person then also rubs his eyes, this intensifies the dark circles and bags under the eyes even more. Also the age factor plays a quite large role, if it concerns eye rings. Due to skin aging, the subcutaneous fatty tissue is reduced, the skin elasticity decreases and the skin hangs down limply so that it appears darker.

Measures against dark circles

Eye circles can be treated naturally by eating a balanced, vitamin-rich and healthy diet. Adequate fluid intake, in the form of water and herbal teas, should definitely be taken care of. Who sleeps at least 8 hours and gets often in the fresh air moves, can additionally prevent the dark shadows.

Stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided as far as possible or even completely eliminated. Anyone who enjoys spending long periods in the sun should always provide for sufficient sun protection ensure. If there is a deficiency of vitamins or trace elements, an adjustment of dietary habits can help. If this does not lead to the corresponding success or cannot be implemented through diet alone, the specialist will help with injections or tablets.

If the person affected is unable to reduce the time spent in front of the PC screen, for example because he or she has a VDU workstation, he or she should take a 10-minute break after 50 minutes so that the eyes can recover from the strain. Go to Relaxing the eye muscles you simply close your eyes and leave technical devices, such as your cell phone, aside.

If the dark circles under the eyes are due to illness or a sign of aging, help cold compresseswhich are placed on the affected area for a short time. The blood vessels then contract within a very short time and the shadows are less clearly visible. However, care should be taken with this procedure to ensure that the eyes do not come into contact with the ice packs.

Immediate help against the unwanted discolorations offer well covering make-up and concealerswhich are applied after pre-treatment with a moisturizer. However, this method is only short-term and at the latest after the next wash again history. Those who want a permanent improvement of dark circles can also use special creams with caffeine and hyaluronic acid buy or treat the area with a vitamin cure.

Surgical treatment of dark circles

Surgical treatment is recommended when dark circles do not disappear despite dietary changes and lifestyle changes. Also, in cases of hereditary hyperpigmentation and allergy-related dark circles, often only cosmetic surgery helps. If the dark circles are so pronounced that they negatively affect the mental state, the plastic surgeon advises a Injection with hyaluronic acid or performs a Laser treatment by. The hyaluronic acid provides increased fluid retention in the subcutaneous tissue so that the fine blood vessels are no longer visible. The dose used depends on the depth of the hollowing: Usually, 0.25 to 1 ml of hyaluronic acid is injected. Since this is gradually broken down by the body, another injection must be given about a month later. Some cosmetic surgeons also inject the patient’s own fat under the skin, which they have previously taken from fat-rich areas of the body and specially prepared.

Patients who live in Munich are in the right hands with Dr. Martha Bernard if they want to have a hyaluronic acid injection or surgical treatment. of their dark circles. The specialist for aesthetic and plastic surgery also has many years of experience in this special field and performs the unproblematic procedure in her practice on an outpatient basis.