What helps against puffy eyes?

There are construction sites in the face that can be constructively addressed and remedied with reasonably satisfactory results. And there are those that seem insurmountable. In the case of our author, it was mainly puffy eyes and tired skin. What helps against puffy eyes in the long term?

For me, puffiness in the lower eye area is a visual flaw that has accompanied me all my life. In German: puffy bags under the eyes. To say it right away: Jade rollers, ice-cold teaspoons, decongestant eye gels, lymphatic drainage, sleeping late, not sleeping at all – I know every trick in the book. Some feel great, others not so much. Rarely has anything changed. I’m excited to see what the Cryo Facial does for me against puffy eyes.

Lately, I have been wondering more often why there are actually no puffy eyes to be seen on any red carpet. After all, I know for a fact that no makeup trick, no matter how professional, can reliably make them disappear. I now know the answer – it’s based on ice-cold facts. In the USA, a new treatment is bringing a breath of fresh air to the faces of the stars: the cold-based Cryo Facial.

The regenerative powers of cold on the human organism have been extensively researched and are used successfully in many cases. In physio-therapy, for example, cold is used to support the treatment of injuries and to relieve pain. Visits to ice saunas or cold chambers have become a preventive health trend: a three-minute stay in air as cold as minus 196 degrees stimulates the body’s own endorphin and adrenaline release – the immune system is strengthened and the mood is significantly improved, which is why cold therapy is also used to treat depression.

Cryo Facial against puffy eyes

I was able to experience the effect that cold has on the appearance of the complexion and the functions of the skin at the Skin Biology Center Hamburg (SBC) – one of the first beauty institutes in Germany to offer cold-based Cryo Therapy for the face.

The Cryo Facial is an add-on to the classic treatments of the SBC. This means: I place myself in the hands of the cryo expert Katharina Hensel and first enjoy an SBC facial treatment of the usual outstanding quality, tailored to my current skin needs.

What exactly happens during a Cryo Facial, whether it helps against puffy eyes and how the skin looks afterwards you will find out on September 16.