What helps against dark circles?

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More alert eyes are at the top of the attractiveness list for men and women. Especially for special occasions, they should become an eye-catcher. What helps against dark circles and tired eyes, if make-up alone does not make them shine? Can hyaluron be used against dark circles?

Eyes are the mirror of our lifestyle. Nowhere are the traces of short nights or too much professional stress more obvious than in the eye area. No wonder, the skin in this area is about three times thinner than in the rest of the face, has hardly any sebaceous and sweat glands. In addition, more than 10,000 blinks per day keep the eye area constantly in motion. A real care case therefore. But what helps against dark circles? Dr. Yusuf Yildirim, a specialist in aesthetic treatments, has developed the “Bright Eye” treatment for precisely this reason. It is supposed to optimize the entire eye area with the help of hyaluronic acid. We were there for a treatment.

On the whole, Drasch F. is satisfied with her appearance. Except for the tired eye expression, which unfortunately can be seen even when she feels completely fit and rested. An eyelid lift is out of the question for her. “I’m far too afraid of a surgical procedure,” explains the 37-year-old. When she hears from her circle of acquaintances about the “Bright Eye” treatment, which uses hyaluron to combat dark circles under the eyes, she is immediately enthusiastic. After all, the marketing expert regularly has many meetings and events on her agenda.

The treatment takes place in the beautiful practice rooms of Villa Stéphanie in Baden-Baden. Dr. Yildirim clarifies: “Circles under the eyes and shadows under the eyes do not necessarily have something to do with partying all night. The causes of this have not yet been conclusively deciphered scientifically. However, if the tension of the skin and eyelid muscles decreases, volume is lost, blood and lymph vessels shimmer through and dark circles appear.” In the “Bright Eye” treatment, a hyaluronic acid filler from Juvéderm is injected into the region of the lower eyelid, or more precisely into the tear trough.® injected in a very smooth gel formulation. The missing volume is replaced by the dermal filler and immediately makes the eye area look fresher, more rested and younger. Did the injection hurt? “Of course, you feel the pricks but I imagined the injection much worse,” emphasizes the patient.

Hyaluron against dark circles – this is how it works

Dr. Yildirim also wants to make his patient’s eyes shine even more and uses hyaluron against dark circles to open up the look. “To do this, I will also put a dermal filler from Juvéderm in the temples.® inject. The entire region around the eye is very, very sensitive and this special hyaluronic acid is therefore ideally suited,” the doctor explains. Around the eye, 22 muscles are in constant use. For this reason, injections in this area should only be carried out by a doctor who specializes in this area, as otherwise the effect can literally go into the eye.

Drasch remains completely relaxed during this treatment step, which is probably due to the fact that the hyaluronic acid fillers used contain the local anesthetic lidocaine. That lessens the pain. “Except for the punctures, I hardly felt anything,” says the 37-year-old. With his special injection technique, Dr. Yildirim eliminated dark circles on the one hand and lifted the eyebrows on the other in one session. The marketing expert is thrilled. The RESULT is immediately visible and will last up to a year.

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