What does Broad Band Light mean and what treatments are available?

Hair removal is not only a typical women’s issue – more and more men are also dealing with the topic, because they want to get rid of the annoying back as well as underarm hair or chest hair permanently. The constant waxing, epilating or shaving is not only extremely time-consuming, but also irritates the skin. Again and again it comes to Redness or even inflammationwhich not only look unsightly, but are also very painful.

With “Broad Band Light” (short: BBL) it is possible that you can remove the annoying hair forever. But BBL not only helps against body hair – the device can also be used for recurrent acne can be used and also helps to dilated blood vessels to get to grips with.

BBL is a miracle weapon not to be underestimated, which not only makes body hair disappear, but also helps to get a better skin appearance. Dr. Martha Bernard also offers this method. In her Munich practice, she uses the System from Scitonwhich works with a highly concentrated, filtered as well as pulsed light.

What to look for before and after treatment

Whether permanent hair removal, treatment of vascular changes – such as spider veins or even dilated capitallaries – or even in the treatment of acne, BBL may be quite an interesting option. This is a flash lamp that works with a visible as well as short-wave light. It should be noted that this is not a laser light.

One treatment usually lasts several sessions. This means that the treatment must be repeated five to seven times. The intervals depend on the one hand on the body region, and on the other hand, of course, on the intensity of the problem – as a rule, the treatment is repeated every four to eight weeks.

In order to achieve a optimal result In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to avoid sunbathing for two to three weeks before the treatment, not to use self-tanning products for seven to ten days beforehand, and not to take any medications that increase sensitivity to light (for example, antibiotics). After the treatment one should avoid sun rays; in summer it is important to apply sun cream (sun protection factor 30 to 50) to the treated areas.

Are there any risks?

Those who are interested in BBL should not ignore the following risks: There is a risk of the formation of light as well as dark pigment spots, acne does not have to disappear completely and can also reappear, even after successful treatment. Skin inflammation can also be a side effect under certain circumstances.

Dr. Bernard also points out the risks, but also clearly states that with the correct pre-treatment and post-treatment, there is automatically an extensive reduction in risk. In Dr. Bernard’s office there is the so-called “Forever Young BBL” treatment – this is a unique method in Germany so far. Dr. Bernard can provide immediate results with the Sciton flash lamp. The skin rejuvenation is almost free of pain.

To begin, the skin is coated with a special gel and then “flashed.” The neck, face or even the décolleté can be treated. One treatment lasts, of course depending on the extent, between 30 and 45 minutes. The Broad Band Light method offers a gentle and fast method for hair removal as well as skin problems. The outpatient procedure is performed in the Munich practice of Dr. Bernard and with years of experience.