What do wrinkles reveal about health?

Most people don’t like their wrinkles or their folds. Whether they are sympathetic laugh lines or frown lines on the forehead. Wrinkles say something about age and character traits. Could it be that wrinkles and folds on the face also reveal something about health? At least that’s what Emma Hobson, a scientist at the International Dermal Institute, explains.

Their names aren’t exactly flattering. They are called frown lines, forehead wrinkles, marionette lines or nasolabial folds. What is behind the wrinkles and what can be done about them?

Frown lines

People with deep glabella or frown lines are said to get angry a lot and are often angry. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows are considered an indication of weak liver function and transverse wrinkles of possible hypothyroidism.

Beauty Hack: A massage relaxes facial muscles and smoothes the expression lines between the eyes. An “anti frown line patch” is also said to help, and of course Botox.

Forehead wrinkles

Pronounced transverse lines on the forehead may be distressed worry lines or indicate a skeptical personality. The number and depth of forehead wrinkles may indicate problems with the bladder and stomach, she said.

Beauty hack: Wrinkles on the forehead can be smoothed out with Botox or alternatively hidden with the right makeup – keyword silicone foundation. Another anti-aging tip: Cut your bangs! It makes you look younger and hides the forehead.

Marionette wrinkles

Downward pointing wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, descriptively known as the marionette line, make a person appear morose, negative and sad. Deep wrinkles down to the chin indicate digestive and intestinal problems.

Beauty hack: How about facial gymnastics as a natural anti-aging program? Muscle work strengthens the skin’s resilience and softens wrinkles. A mouth lifting with hyaluron filler or own fat helps with deep furrows.

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The wrinkles that stretch from the wing of the nose to the mouth represent a sunny disposition, someone who laughs often and a lot, but they are also called sorrow wrinkles and make us look grim. In alternative medicine, they indicate a gallbladder or heart weakness.

Beauty hack: Here, too, it is possible to cheat; the wrinkle is softened with primer and shimmering concealer. The beauty doc is really efficient; it plumps up the wrinkle with hyaluronic acid.

Text: mabelle