What can luxury anti-aging care?

Care that gets under the skin! This is ensured by increasingly sophisticated active ingredient formulas that unfold their effect in the different layers of the skin. What can the new luxury care from La Biosthetique?

Cosmetics against wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply cream away wrinkles?! State of the art in anti-aging care for the skin: through intensive moisturizing Smooth wrinkles and Revitalize cells, at the same time, through an anti-aging phytocomplex of iris, white truffle, paracress and lupine seeds, the Exchange of nutrients between the different skin layers and the Satbilize connective tissue. Here come the new anti-aging care stars “Belesthétique” by La Biosthetique!


Besides the heart of the cream, the Anti-aging phytocomplex binds corn extract like a magnet the moisture in the skin for 72 hours, optimizes the function of skin cells and stabilizes the barrier layer (proven in a clinical study with the active ingredient used). A complex of rice and rosemary extract preserves the DNA of the skin from damage (proven in vitro with the active ingredient used). “The Cream” by La Biosthetique 50ml, circa 225 euros.



La Biosthetique’s lifting serum “The Concentrate” is designed to reduce the signs of aging of the skin by a triple detox effect reduce in a natural way. Active ingredients from sugar cane, olives and Chinese dates ensure this. The idea behind it: The skin’s own recycling system is to be stimulated, protein residues accumulated in the cells are broken down and assembled into new proteins. Thereby the cells detoxified, prolongs their life and rejuvenates the skin (proven in vitro with the active ingredient used). In addition, “The Concentrate” by La Biosthetique also contains the anti-aging phytocomplex, which Anchoring the skin layers and thus their nutrient exchange is optimized, and the connective tissue stabilized (proven in vitro with the active ingredient used). “The Concentrate” by La Biosthetique, 30ml circa 125 euros.



The signs of time make themselves felt earlier and more pronounced in the delicate eye area than in other areas of the face. “The Eye Cream” by La Biosthetique cares with the anti-aging phytocomplex and an extract from paracress but not only the eye contour, but also the lip contour. (proven in a clinical study with the active ingredient used). “The Eye Cream” by La Biosthetique, 15ml circa 95 euros.


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