Use breast implants for breast reconstruction

For many women, the first thing that happens after a mastectomy or after undergoing breast-conserving surgery is that their self-esteem drops.

But there are now many different methods using implants to rebuild the breast. One Breast reconstruction by means of breast implant is possible at any time and can also be performed simultaneously with tumor surgery. This is called immediate reconstruction designated.

But even if you decide to do this later, when all the surgical wounds have healed, or even if you only years later, is the insertion of a breast implant possible.

Through her work as a functional senior physician for the field of aesthetic surgery, Dr. Bernard has been able to gain a great deal of experience in this area and is happy to assist you with this.

Brustimplantate for a faster result

The breast implants used today are usually made of a plastic shell and fitted with a Silicone gel filled. Hydrogel fillings or fillings with physiological saline solution are used less frequently.

The disadvantage with implants made of a plastic shell can be a developing Capsular fibrosis can occur. In this case, the connective tissue in the breast around the implant forms more strongly, and hardening and deformation of the breast may occur.

At regular checks, which can also be performed in our practice, the breast is examined for lumps or irregularities by Mrs.. Dr. Bernard. If you notice pain or a reduction in the size of the breast, you can also contact our practice team at any time.

Breast reconstruction with breast implants is a relatively simple surgical procedure with short operating time and without additional scars. The surgical technique is simple and you get a result with identical skin color.

If her skin is too tight for direct insertion of a silicone implant, it can be tightened with the help of a Expander can be stretched. The expander is inserted under the skin, either above or below the pectoral muscle, and filled with saline over a long period of time. This allows the skin to be stretched slowly and gently.

I will be happy to advise you as a specialist expert in the field of breast surgery in our practice.