Unknown Treatments: Bunny Lines, Gummy Smile & Strawberry Chin

Have you ever heard about Bunny Lines, Gummy Smile or Strawberry Chin? These terms are simply unknown to many. However, we receive questions about the unpleasant phenomena again and again. For this reason, we’d like to enlighten you and tell you what you can do about Bunny Lines, the Gummy Smile and Strawberry Chin.

Bunny Lines = wrinkles on the nose

Whether laughing or talking – the so-called Bunny Lines, in German also bunny wrinkles, small wrinkles on the wing of the nose. For affected persons, however, the rather sweet-sounding wrinkles are rather a major nuisance. When pronounced, these wrinkles can become several centimeters long and negatively affect the entire facial expression. Similar to the forehead wrinkle, they make us look old and in a bad mood. But what can be done about it! With the help of massage techniques and anti-aging creams, wrinkles on the nose can be diminished, but not completely reduced. Muscle relaxant treatment offers an effective solution to eliminate wrinkles on the nose. Here, muscle relaxant is injected at specific points on the nose to make the skin look fresher and younger.

Gummy Smile = Gum Smile

The name actually tells us everything! The Gummy Smile means that a large part of the gums are visible when smiling. Usually, rule is an overdeveloped lifting muscle that pulls the upper lip up more when laughing and so a lot of the gum is visible guilt from a gummy smile. However, many of those affected feel inhibited when smiling. The miracle cure here is also muscle relaxant! During treatment, the active ingredient is injected into the upper lip to reduce the lifting force of the muscle responsible for the gum smile.

Strawberry chin = Pavement chin

A skin change on the chin, which is visible even when at rest, is called a strawberry chin. This type of structural change may be familiar to some from children who, when crying, strain the chin muscles to create a cauliflower-like surface. However, ostensibly women over the age of 40 are usually affected by strawberry chin. But what can effectively help to make the uneven chin look smooth again? The solution here is also muscle relaxant! Here, the muscle that is responsible for the formation of wrinkles is relaxed and can therefore no longer contract. No new wrinkles are formed and those that already exist are smoothed out again by the injected active ingredient.

Whether Bunny Lines, Gummy Smile or Strawberry Chin – the full effect of the treatment occurs after about two weeks and lasts up to six months. Our experienced M1 doctors will be happy to advise you in an individual consultation.