Tubular breast – How can it be treated?

A tubular breast is a congenital, genetic change in the female breast. The breasts have a tubular appearance with highly pronounced nipples. A tubular breast represents for the affected women partly a psychological burden represents. As long as clothes are worn, people try to hide the shape of the breasts. In the sauna or during sex, hiding the unloved shape is difficult. Therefore, women sometimes extremely restrict their sexual behavior, as well as leisure activities such as a visit to the sauna.

Tubular breast: Not everyone is the same

Many of the affected women play with the idea of breast surgery. Often, the idea is quickly dismissed because only porn actresses or spoiled rich women have their breasts operated on. Unfortunately, these stereotypes are still widespread and prevent women from taking the plunge and having breast surgery to correct a breast malformation, such as tubular breasts. With a tubular breast, there are four different manifestations in the severity of the malformation:

Type 1: The breast volume and nipples show no marked change. Only the lower, inner quadrant of the breast is deficient, i.e. underdeveloped.

Type 2: The breast volume is somewhat reduced, the nipples are normally developed. The two lower quadrants of the breast are underdeveloped and the underbust crease is raised.

Type 3: Breast volume is markedly reduced and nipples are normal to slightly enlarged. All four quadrants of the breast are underdeveloped or absent. This results in a pendulous and tubular appearance of the breast. The inframammary fold is markedly elevated.

Type 4: Breast volume is markedly reduced and nipples are normal to slightly enlarged. All four quadrants of the breast are underdeveloped or absent. Both the nipples and the areola exhibit a marked enlargement is present in the mammary glands. This area may contain the complete mammary glands. This phenomenon is called glandular prolapse.

As in type 3, the breasts in type 4 have a pendulous and tubular appearance with a markedly raised inframammary fold.

Surgery can help give a new lease on life

If a woman suffers from the appearance of her tubular breasts, surgery may be the remedy of choice for her. The type of breast surgery that should be performed depends on the type of malformation. Since in types 1 and 2 the breasts do not sag, in most cases an implant is used here, which on the one hand enlarges the breast and on the other hand gives the breast a nice, natural and round shape. In addition to implants, breast augmentation can also be performed with the patient’s own fat. In the case of types 3 and 4, this type of breast surgery is not effective, because these breasts are very saggy and the relatively too large nipplen no satisfactory result can be achieved only by inserting an implant.

Breast augmentation can also be achieved in this case with an implant or autologous fat. In addition to breast augmentation, a breast lift is also performed, as well as correction of enlarged nipples. Dr. Martha Bernard has already placed one of her practice focuses in the area of breast surgery in 2008 and is continuously educating herself on a national and international level, so that woman is in the best hands with her for the correction of a tubular breast.