Too good to be true: These features represent attractiveness and beauty

Ever since the dawn of mankind, there has been a fascination with beauty. Just as fascinating as beauty itself, however, is the attempt to characterize it and break it down to a few attributes – an endeavor that repeatedly causes headaches in many areas of science. Above all, symmetry is supposed to be the decisive criterion for beauty when considering the human face. However, symmetrically mirrored faces contradict the perception of beauty and are considered bizarre by our eye – this is what studies have found out. Accordingly, when it comes to beauty, the motto is: Everything only in moderation! Which other criteria of the human face are perceived as particularly attractive? Here is the check:

Arched forehead, big eyes, small nose – the child schema

Who is not enraptured by the sweet face of a baby or toddler? The reason for this is the so-called Kindchenschema. A small nose, arched forehead and large googly eyes, which are perceived by the human eye as particularly harmonious and aesthetic, are striking key stimuli. Studies also found that adults who exhibited characteristics of the child schema were also considered particularly attractive by their environment.

As if softly drawn – an even and smooth skin

Whether enlarged pores, noticeable blemishes or fine lines around the eyes, nose and mouth – many people often feel that their own skin appearance is inadequate. This suspicion is also confirmed by the popularity of so-called soft-focus filters, which at least help to tune up the virtual appearance so that the skin can shine with a flawless glow. But why does smooth and pore-free skin play such an important role for us? We can tell a person’s true age by looking at their skin, which is why we associate smooth and as flawless as possible skin with characteristics such as youthfulness and health. Many treatments, even in aesthetic medicine, are aimed at improving the quality of the skin.

Showing edges – a pronounced jawline looks particularly sensual

Distinctive and sharp – to describe the perfect Jawline, most women only need these two adjectives. For women as well as for men, a well-contoured lower jaw, which has a clear demarcation to the neck and thus also sets this perfectly in scene, is considered particularly attractive. Therefore, it is no great surprise that more and more women are seeking injections of hyaluronic acid in the chin-jaw line in order to emphasize their contours more. Jawline treatment involves injecting relatively solid hyaluronic acid into the chin-jaw line and carefully placing it. The injected agent can accentuate existing contours of the face or shape completely new contours that did not previously exist.

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