Tired eyes – What are the causes and what helps?

An alert, vital look gives our countenance a youthful charm and is considered the universal ideal of beauty. Thanks to natural aging processes, the skin loses elasticity with age and drooping eyelids and bags form around the eyes. In the wake of a sagging eye area, we look older and more tired. Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous ways to avoid tired eyes.

As we age, the elasticity of our skin also decreases. The skin loses moisture, becomes saggy and looks tired. Unfortunately, the skin around the eye area is very thin anyway, so that signs of aging are particularly serious here. Another natural aging process is the slackening of the muscles around the eye area.

A key role is played by the so-called “Musculus orbicularis” a. This muscle acts as a supporting apparatus for the eyes and keeps the fatty tissue in the eye socket in shape. As a result of a slackening muscle, the fatty tissue protrudes, causing bags under the eyes.

Causes and symptoms of tired eyes

The development of drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes is genetic.

They often become apparent after the age of 30. The loss of elastin, collagen, fatty tissue and moisture in the skin causes a reduced elasticity, causing excess skin and consequently “tired eyes”.

In addition to genetics and excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, an unbalanced diet, a stressful lifestyle or lack of sleep may be responsible.

Home remedies and tips against drooping eyelids

Among the most common methods for treating tired-looking eyes are such things as. Tea bags, quark compresses, cucumber masks. Or Moisturizers. In principle, the agents have a soothing effect on the skin. Also, the top layer of skin absorbs the moisture and stores it. However, a long-term effect cannot be achieved with this. A permanent smoothing of wrinkles is not possible in this way.

Depending on the extent of the skin wrinkles, the Use of special creams worthwhile. Commercially available cosmetics can be used to optimally care for the often dry skin around the eyes. Especially during the night, creams containing fat can protect our eyelids from drying out and provide moisture. Although a slight improvement in the appearance of the skin can usually be achieved, even special wrinkle creams are not able to reverse pronounced drooping eyelids.

If you want to do something good for yourself and your skin in general and prevent sagging skin, you should ensure that sufficient exercise, a good quality of sleep and a balanced diet.

With a few cosmetic tricks, drooping and tired-looking eye areas can be easily concealed. So-called “Magicstripes” – small patches stuck into the eyelid crease – lift the eyelid and tighten the skin. Dark shades in the eyelid crease on a light foundation give the eyelid more depth and help conceal drooping eyelids and sagging skin.

Eyelid lift as a surgical alternative against tired eyes

A sustainable solution for the treatment of tired eyes offers a surgical procedure. Surgical eyelid lift is a form of treatment performed on an outpatient basis, which has a positive effect on personal appearance after a short time.

Dr. Bernard has expertise in this field and routinely performs eyelid lifts in her practice in Munich. An operation is preceded by a long and intensive consultation. During the subsequent preliminary examination, the extent of the operation is discussed and how surgical risks can be minimized by choosing a suitable treatment. General anesthesia is not necessary; the treatment is performed under local anesthesia or twilight sleep anesthesia. Participation in the working world is possible again after a maximum of two weeks.

During the operation itself, the attending surgeon removes a strip of skin, fatty tissue and muscle tissue. Since the procedure is performed directly in the eyelid crease, surgical scars are only slightly noticeable in everyday life. After the treatment, a skin-colored thin plaster is applied to stabilize the corrected eyelid. The operation itself takes between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the diagnosis. The cost of an upper eyelid lift is approximately 2,500 euros. A lower eyelid lift costs around 3,500 euros.