Tips for a positive appearance through firm cheeks

Firm cheeks make a face look young, healthy and attractive. Both age and stress, smoking, poor diet or too little exercise can cause the cheeks to dip and less firm seem. This fact does not have to be simply accepted. With a few small tips for home, the cheeks can be strengthened and supported.

Workout for firm cheeks

If the thought that there is a workout for the face causes a grin or a big smile, then the first exercise is already as good as done. Jogging, swimming, situps or planks, the list of sports or exercises that can be done with you can keep fit, is long. The face is often forgotten. And yet the exercises for tightening the skin of the face can be integrated into everyday life without much effort.

Exercise 1: Smile, smile, smile

Smile as broadly and intensely as possible, pulling the corners of your mouth far up. Hold the smile for about ten seconds and then relax the face again. Repeat the exercise at least five times.

Exercise 2: Fish kiss

Form the lips into a pointed kissing mouth while pulling the cheeks inward. Hold the position for about ten seconds. Then press the cheek area and the lips briefly relax and repeat the exercise at least four more times.

Exercise 3: Frog Bake

Take a deep breath and then fill the cheeks with as much air as possible, holding the air for ten seconds with the mouth closed. Open the lips slightly and through a light tap on the carriages let the air escape. Perform the exercise at least five times.

Exercise 4: XOXO

The letters X and O are pronounced alternately in a very exaggerated manner. The cheeks and lips are moved intensively. Pronounce the letter combination at least ten times.

Exercise 5: Relaxation

Completely relax the face and use your fingers to loosen the cheek area with gentle circles. As with any new sport, do not overdo it in the beginning with the facial workout for firm cheeks. Exercises use different muscles in the face, which then need time to recover. In the beginning, the lower limit of repetitions should be performed first. If possible, the facial workout should be performed twice a day, for example, in the morning and evening. Once the face has become accustomed to the movements, the Number of repetition can also be doubled if necessary.

Fillers make the cheeks firmer

Even the best and regularly performed facial workout cannot completely prevent hormonal changes and the breakdown of the body’s own substances that are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Dr. Martha Bernard knows that many people suffer from the fact that these processes in the body cause the face to lose contours and volume, resulting in a sad and worn out facial expression. By injecting fillers, volume can be increased in the affected areas. Fillers such as Radiesse® not only contour and shape the face, but also stimulate the body to produce collagen fibers, which increases the elasticity of the skin. Dr. Martha Bernard can perform the treatment with fillers quickly and easily in an outpatient session. By mixing the fillers with a local anesthetic, the treatment can be performed almost painlessly and thus a correction of deep wrinkles can be achieved.