Time for an oil change – how omega 3 oil keeps you healthy

The “oil change” in the body is a good foundation in terms of anti-aging. It promises more beautiful hair, a fresh complexion, strong nails but also healthier ligaments and joints. Some oils can even help against viruses and neutralize harmful substances. The most effective is omega 3 oil.

The most important recommendation beforehand: “Oils basically do not belong in the pan,” explains nutrition expert Ursula Schöller and justifies: “Fats that are heated should have a stable structure, i.e. be saturated. Only in such a way one can be sure that their molecular structure remains and no trans fats or further health-damaging substances develop.” For heating, she recommends coconut fat (there’s also tasteless!) or ghee (clarified butter), both can be heated to high temperatures without hesitation and the body can easily metabolize them.

In addition to the valuable olive oil, which is neutral in terms of omega 3 and omega 6, but provides valuable monounsaturated fatty acids, the oils such as sesame, walnut, avocado, argan, and pumpkin seed are to be used sparingly, for example in salad dressing or vegetable dip. The nutritionist adds, “Olive oil could at least also be heated slightly, but it would be a pity for the good oleic acids, which, depending on the varieties, are sometimes less sometimes more contained and develop their own positive properties for our health.”

Omega 3 oil for cell renewal

To keep cell renewal in the body running smoothly, omega 3 fatty acids are a must. Please two tablespoons per day. These form a protective layer from the inside, so that the skin dries out less and forms wrinkles. The omega 3 oil counteracts inflammation and thus prevents cells from dying more quickly. Particularly good are the studies on the anti-inflammatory effect of Omega 3 fatty acids from pure fish oil such as from Pure Arctic Oil.

The Pure Arctic Oil can be stirred into salads or mixed with avocado, lemon, salt and pepper as a dip for jacket potatoes. With the avocado, you also have an extremely alkaline source of vitamin E. The oil was awarded two gold stars at the Superior Taste Awards. Omgea 3 oil is not only mega healthy, but also delicious.

Argan oil is also a fountain of youth

Argan oil, which many know as an additive in cosmetics, for example in shampoo or body lotion, is also a real fountain of youth. With its 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil plays a crucial role in healthy cells, which ultimately give rise to skin and hair. It also serves as a natural skin moisturizer. The most valuable fatty acid in argan oil is linoleic acid. The unsaturated linoleic acid provides skin and hair with elasticity and vitality. At the same time, it acts like a protective barrier against damaging environmental influences and protects against dehydration. In this way, it prevents both the formation of wrinkles and hair breakage.

They help in skin renewal and protect against diseases. Oils are multi-talented - but only with the right choice and application.Phytosterols (sterols, mainly found in fat-rich plants, provide cell membrane support) have an extraordinary skin care effect. As biochemically active plant substances, they activate skin metabolism and contribute to moisture retention in the cells. These secondary plant substances of argan oil keep heart, liver and gall bladder healthy, neutralize harmful substances, fight viruses and are even said to be active against HI virus. Waive (or very sparingly use and no longer buy new) one should according to Schöller on: Corn, sunflower, rapeseed (if not extra cold pressed), soy, safflower, and hazelnut oil.

Text: Bettina Sewald
Lead photo: Rodion Kutsaev

Photo: ifong/Shutterstock.com