Tighten eyelids: a testimonial

Hardly any method of aesthetic medicine has such a convincing cost-benefit ratio as the subject of eyelid tightening: The procedure relaxes and rejuvenates the face with a short, largely risk-free operation. Small incision, big effect? A field report with PODCAST interview.

Not every problem can be solved with botulinum toxin or wrinkle fillers. “But even if the face looks a little more tired over the years, it doesn’t always have to be a complete facelift,” says Dr. Caroline Kim, a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Tightening the eyelids provides a rejuvenating effect. How does it feel, what does the treatment cost and how long does the effect last?

The surgeon is a virtuoso of facial surgery and therefore knows exactly how to achieve the best effects with the least possible surgical effort. One example is to tighten the eyelids. “Often, even a small eyelid correction can positively change the entire facial expression.” In the PODCAST a conversation about her experience with a patient.

For quite some time, publisher Michaela Hammel has felt burdened by her eyelids in the truest sense of the word. “My drooping eyelids felt heavy, when I laughed my eyes became little slits,” says the managing director of a Munich publishing house. “I’m on the road a lot for our magazine ALPS, at events or customer meetings, and then I want to look as rested as I feel,” says Michaela Hammel. It took two years from the first consideration to the eyelid surgery. She was encouraged by examples of successful operations in her private environment. She then took more time to research doctors and looked at various practices.

“With Dr. Caroline Kim, I felt in the best of hands from the very first moment. She has been operating for more than 12 years and performs eyelid lifts several times a week. That creates trust,” says Michaela Hammel, explaining her choice of doctor.

During the preliminary consultation, Dr. Kim explains what complications can occur. These include, above all, post-operative bleeding. If too much fat is removed, the eyes will appear hollow. Asymmetrical eyelids can be virtually ruled out with experienced doctors.

Lift eyelids without risk?

“Overall, the medical problems associated with eyelid tightening are minor; patients are more likely to complain about the aesthetic result because they feel they have changed too much or the scar is too long, for example. It is particularly important to me that the eye area does not change after the procedure, but simply looks more awake and fresh again,” emphasizes the Munich doctor.

The treatment will cost a total of 2000 euros COST, which is covered by health insurance if an ophthalmologist diagnoses medical necessity. The RESULT lasts up to 10 years.

A few weeks after the last consultation, the operation takes place. Michaela Hammel lies in twilight sleep on the operating chair with her eyes closed. Before the operation, the excess skin was marked with a special pen. The rest of the face is covered with sterile drapes. Dr. Kim now uses a scalpel to cut the skin on the marked lines, stop the bleeding and sclerotize the vessels.

Eyelid tightening takes only 45 minutes

Finally, the wound is sutured with a thin thread. The operation on the right eye took twenty minutes. The operating room nurse and doctor switch sides and after 45 minutes both eyes are already dressed with compresses and cooling pads. The removed pieces of skin lie in a bowl, which Michaela Hammel looks at curiously. She spends a total of another hour in the practice before she is picked up by her husband, who, by the way, was involved in her deliberations from the very beginning.

The 52-year-old deals with the topic very openly, was with her story even in the Myself and sits a few days after the surgery already back in the office, although she has bruises around the eyes. After six days, the stitches are removed and Michaela Hammel is already happy. “I haven’t had any pain at all, which I find amazing. Any dental surgery is actually more uncomfortable.”

It will take another two to three months for the scars to heal completely. Michaela Hammel enjoys laughing again, and her bright green eyes no longer disappear under heavy eyelids. And: she can put on make-up again. Kajal and eye shadow no longer run. And she can apply mascara to her eyelashes again without having to lift her eyelids with her second hand.

Lead photo: puhhha/Shutterstock.com