Thread lifting for the face

A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure to restore sagging skin around the chin, above the eyebrows, or wrinkled areas of the neck to their original position without using a scalpel. We explain in a how thread lifting for the face works, for whom it is suitable, how long it lasts and what it costs. In addition a PODCAST interview with Dr. Susanne Steinkraus.

The threads are available in different length and thickness. They are intended to create a supporting, structuring framework in the patient’s tissue. Depending on the indication and skin condition, they are individually selected and inserted into the skin under local anesthesia. The so-called PDO threads are made of a synthetic polymer that the body degrades and which the fibroblasts use to Generation of new collagen fibers stimulates.

When combined with stronger, longer polylactic acid threads anchored in the dermis, facial thread lifting can be used to Remodel contours. Such a net of self-dissolving surgical threads, placed in the skin using various techniques, is intended to counteract age-related counteract slippage of the tissue and the body’s own New synthesis of collagen fibers stimulate

This technique has been continuously optimized for several years. However, one should choose well into whose hands one places oneself as a patient. Because, as Hamburg dermatologist Dr. Susanne Steinkraus clarifies, “The basis of a successful thread lift in the face is an honest and professional assessment of what effects are possible, taking into account the individual anatomy are possible.” Here the interview:

When do you use a thread lift for the face?

Dr. Steinkraus: “In order to realistically assess the possibilities of this treatment and also to advise each patient in a goal-oriented manner, age, genes and lifestyle are the three decisive criteria. Basically, the Weight of the skin a decisive factor in determining whether this method meets the optimal effect brings. And not necessarily the age of the patient.”

How do you know if threadlifting is the right treatment?

“The best way is through a comprehensive consultation, optimally with Before and after examples. This prevents disappointment if the effect achieved is less pronounced than perhaps hoped for. Often, several different treatments and methods are necessary to achieve the desired result. As an esthetically active dermatologist, it is an obligation for me to realistically assess the possibilities and to explain that in an understandable way.”

Where do you see the strengths of thread lifting for the face?

“Exactly what happens in each case depends on the patient’s skin conditions! Realistic goals are the contouring in the cheek and jaw angle area, a neck lift, lifting of the chin, smoothing of small wrinkles the eyes or on the lips. One should not expect miracles.”