Thread lifting before and after – a patient reports

The interview with Dr. Susanne Steinkraus was conducted by Alke von Kruszynski, who underwent a self-test following the interview. She had a cheek lift with six polylactic acid threads (three threads per side). Her personal before and after conclusion – about 10 weeks later.

“All the precautions and behavioral measures taken by the doctor I fortunately followed – and gave myself enough time to recover. I didn’t have any bruises, but I did have the muzzle feeling described. In any case, you move more carefully at first. Side sleepers like me have to come up with something …

The swellings subsided after about four and a half weeks to such an extent that the rejuvenating effect of the material on my appearance was already recognizable – a gentle lifting of the contours without alienating the face. The tissue responded recognizably “alive” to the polylactic acid, and the firmness has increased due to the collagen synthesis effect. My face looks fresher, wrinkle intensity is reduced.

Thread lifting before after

But I’m not interested in a wrinkle-free face either – that doesn’t harmonize with the visible rest of the body like décolleté or hands after a certain age. The lifting part of the treatment was done carefully by Dr. Steinkraus to avoid a gathering effect (I have very thin skin and unfortunately quite little fatty tissue). The result is of course not comparable to a SMAS lift. But then, the procedure would be surgical – and that’s currently not an option for me ? .”

Facts & Figures for the thread lift before after

What healing processes should one expect, what should one pay attention to?

“After treatment, there may be feelings of tightness along the gathers. Patients often describe it as a feeling of wearing a muzzle. But this fades after a few days. After about a week, you can bite normally again; before that, you should avoid extreme mouth and face movements. However, there may still be a pulling, shooting pain or irritation later. A jerky movement or a firm hug might sometimes make you feel the stitches, especially fresh after the procedure.”

When is the effect there, how long does it last?

“After treatment, the thread construct slowly dissolves. The body reabsorbs PDO threads within six months. During that time, collagen re-synthesis is triggered, so a tightening effect can be expected for one to two years after treatment. I take stock with my patients after one year at the latest: where are there new weak points, how does the face look, what about elasticity and skin firmness, how have the contours developed? Then it’s re-adjusted whether and what happens next.”

How much does thread lifting cost?

“Women between 40 and 50 years old who want to have something done continuously to age younger looking would have to invest about 250 to 300 euros per month. This has the advantage that you don’t see the small steps on them. The effects look natural, you don’t suddenly look strikingly different.”

“For a thread lift, our prices depend on the treated region and the required thread quality – not on the number of threads used for it: a cheek lift costs between 900 and 1800 euros, smaller areas are cheaper, although several, but finer threads may be used here (mouth/chin about 250 euros, neck about 350 euros, eyelids about 200 euros).

Text: Alke von Kruszynski

The self-test was made with the kind material support of the thread manufacturer Sinclair (Silhouette threads).