Thread lifting – a gentle measure for skin rejuvenation

It is in the nature of human beings to have a youthful, fresh and with it healthy appearance to desire. To achieve this, preference is usually given to a simple measure for skin rejuvenation, which is safe and also fast – the Thread lifting. This method involves the use of medical threads, the barbs or small cones are pushed under the skin and thus anchored in it. Subsequently, the desired parts of the face can not only be lifted but also tightened by pulling.

This method does not require surgery at all and thus results in a natural lifting effect. Also, no visible scars remain after the procedure – unlike a real surgery.

Individual choice of sutures

During the procedure that painless is and depending on the number of threads between 10 and 60 minutes can last, only a local anesthetic is necessary. The body is therefore not burdened with anesthesia. The lower jaw contour, incipient nasolabial folds as well as marionette lines and the neck, for example, can be treated. Eyebrows as well as cheeks and cheekbone can also be tightened with this method and thus help to achieve a younger appearance.

Which threads, with what kind of barbs are now used, the doctor determines for each of her patients individually, because it depends of course on the zone and also on the condition of the skin, which product is used.

The medical threads then dissolve on their own after some time. And this happens after a few months. Another advantage of thread lifting is the increase in volume of the tissue. This results from the fact that due to the threads used, the collagen production of the skin is immensely stimulated and thus the connective tissue is tightened. This effect lasts around 1 ½ to two years until the skin settles again. little because it continues to age.

Advantages of thread lifting

Probably the most important advantages of this natural and quite uncomplicated method, are definitely the low stress on the body. In addition, the natural facial expression is completely preserved and scars need not be feared. Due to the comparatively fast treatment and the lower risk of inflammation, this type of tightening is chosen more and more often.

Aftercare required?

After the treatment you can directly home go and is suitable for everyday use. However, sports, strenuous activities, sun exposure, and sauna should be avoided for the first few days. Some patients complain of mild bruises or bruises, but these disappear after a few days, and can also be easily covered by makeup. The face may also be a little swollen or there may be a feeling of tension.

The Risks with this procedure are low. It is worth mentioning an infection of those skin areas in which the sutures were anchored. However, this is prevented by sterile work. Asymmetry of the face is also possible with imprecise work. However, it can be easily corrected.

Intolerance of the threads has almost never been observed, but is purely theoretically possible. The price of a thread lift depends on how many threads are used and which regions are tightened.

A measure for skin rejuvenation within a few minutes

The best results are obtained with thread lifting when the sagging of the skin is not yet too advanced. So between the 40th and the 60th year of life..

The specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Martha Bernard, has a lot of experience with this procedure and can only report positive things about thread lifting. And it is no wonder, because with it there is a visible improvement in sagging cheeks, sunken eyebrows, nasolabial folds or the corners of the mouth. Even a wrinkled and sagging neck area or facial contour can be impressively improved with the help of this method and that within a few minutes. Thus, for many it offers an alternative to Botox & Co.