This keeps the summer feeling – also for the complexion

Happiness smells of grilled fish, fresh lemon and olive oil. The colors white, yellow and turquoise blue make the heart beat faster and are synonymous with a dream vacation. And also the wonderful summery complexion provides pure well-being! However, after just a few days at home, you’re back in the daily grind. This does not have to be…

For a long-lasting summer complexion: In the sun – whether in summer or winter – always use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. This way you tan more slowly, but the sun color lasts much longer. Afterwards, the complexion needs a pampering program. You still have after-sun products left over from your vacation? Then simply use them as body lotion! Modern after-sun lotions contain effective free radical scavengers such as vitamins C and E or Q10, relieve the feeling of dryness and repair slight sun damage.

The face, neck and décolleté welcome special care. Mild exfoliation ensures that the skin can optimally absorb the nourishing active ingredients from masks and ampoules. Dead skin cells are removed and blood circulation is stimulated. Activated melanin can thus penetrate to the surface and the skin even tans a little. On vacation, the delicate eye area is particularly stressed despite sunglasses. Eye creams or gels are immediate help for small wrinkles.

Dream complexion even without sun

You don’t necessarily need sunshine for your summery tanned complexion. It’s easier with the new, shimmering bronze powders, which make you look as if you’ve come straight from the Caribbean in no time at all. Tip: Apply bronze powder only after the day cream has been completely absorbed. You can even get all-over products that add sun dust to eyelids, cheeks, décolleté and hair. Self-tanners are also getting smarter. So there are special self-tanners for the body or the face.

The sea in the bath

Vacation is over, and so is bath time. Instead of mourning the beach and the sound of the sea, you can bring the sea into your own bath. Algae, salt, silt and even seawater are increasingly being included in cosmetic products. The power from the sea stimulates blood circulation, revs up the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Because algae & Co contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that our body needs to feel good in its skin. The power of the sea can be refueled via a bath with sea salt. Depending on the dosage, dissolve up to 400g of salt in hot water and add warm water so that a bath temperature of 35 to 37 degrees is reached. Optimal bath duration is 15 to 20 minutes. During this time the minerals and trace elements can be absorbed by the organism through the skin.


Anti-aging - How to save complexion and summer feeling over winter.

To be in good shape and look radiant, you need the right foods. On vacation, eating healthy usually comes naturally. Try to continue to focus on light cuisine with lots of fish, vegetables and salad. Eliminate – as often as possible – carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (such as light bread, pasta, sweets) from your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are true beauty makers. The most important beauty basics for a beautiful complexion: Vitamin A (in green and red vegetables) for cell renewal. Vitamin C (found in many fruits, especially citrus fruits) tightens connective tissue and is good for bones and teeth. Vitamin E (in high-quality vegetable oils) promotes blood circulation and protects skin cells from harmful external influences, for example UV light. The trace element zinc (in whole grain products such as brown rice) beautifies skin and hair.

Light and air

Even if the sun doesn’t shine as often as it used to, that’s no reason to become a couch potato. Nature is a real source of wellness. The color of the plants alone has a favorable effect on body and soul. Green is the color of inner harmony and balance, of abundance and growth. Green also has a calming and regenerating effect. Especially the combination of green and water is the ideal relaxation package according to the Asian view. Water means letting flow – a walk along a river or lake is therefore pure relaxation! Double feel-good effect: the body absorbs a lot of oxygen in the open air, so that balance, fitness and a good mood are automatically achieved. Cheerful messenger substances (e.g. serotonin) are released in the brain, depressive moods are simply blown away. And good ideas just fly at you.

Lead photo: Adobe Stock, Photo: Eugenia Porechenskaya