This is how to successfully mitigate pigmentation spots!

My pigmentation spots have been bothering me for a long time. When I look in the mirror or see myself on photos I have the feeling: That’s not me at all… I have already tried all possible home remedies and tips from friends. Unfortunately without success. When I got the chance to test a whole range of products against pigmentation spots on the face, I was immediately thrilled.

When the first hyperpigmentation appeared on my face, I immediately researched the cause of facial pigmentation. Until then, I always thought that facial pigmentation was a sign of aging. Now I know that they can appear at any age, are genetic, hormonal and caused by too much sunbathing. Too much sun is probably also the trigger for the brown spots in my case. As a travel blogger, I am very much in sunny parts of the world on the road… Now I am very curious whether targeted care can help me.

In the run-up to the test, which extends over 8 weeks, I was enlightened: the scientists at Eucerin were able to isolate an enzyme responsible for melanin production in ten years of research. Tests with no less than 50,000 skincare ingredients then identified the active ingredient that reversibly inhibits the enzyme and thus the hyperpigmentation. The patented active ingredient is called thiamidol and is contained in Eucerin’s “Anti-Pigment” skin care range. In total, the care range consists of four effective products and the active ingredient thiamidol should only be applied four times a day.

And here we go with my care program. In the morning, after cleansing my face, I start with the day care, which simultaneously protects against future light-induced pigment irregularities with a sun protection factor of 30. The dual serum additionally boosts the skin with hyaluronic acid. I use it before day and night care to achieve the most effective result.

Precise treatment of pigment spots on the face

I particularly love the correction stick from the series because I can apply it very specifically to the areas that particularly bother me. At night, in addition to the thiamidol, dexpanthenol is also used, which is supposed to boost cell regeneration at night.

Quickly, the products become my daily skincare ritual and I look anxiously in the mirror every morning. In fact, on day 16, I see the first improvements and am now even more motivated. However, I was told, you should use the active ingredient a maximum of four times a day….

Young woman with pigmentation spots on her face


Pigment spots on the face


The result after 8 weeks

I remain consistent and can say the result has really surprised me after 8 weeks. The pigmentation spots on my face are significantly reduced and my overall skin appearance has improved. At my final consultation, I would now like to know how this is possible. What exactly has happened in my skin, what can the patented active ingredient Thiamidol do? It attacks the problem at its root, in melanin synthesis, which is responsible for the formation of brown spots, I am told. It reversibly blocks the enzyme activity and melanin production.

To prevent new pigmentation spots from appearing on my face in the first place, I try to avoid the sun above all and stick consistently to my new skin care routine.

Young woman with pigment spots on face


Young woman


Study at the skin research center

As with Daniela, the Eucerin skin care range has also had a lasting effect on Petra, the influencer with her YouTube channel “Ooobacht”. In her case, the pigmentation spots were caused by the birth control pill and the associated hormonal changes. She also tried everything possible to get rid of the unsightly spots. Without success, until she became a participant in a 12-week study at the Skin Research Center in Hamburg, where she tested the “Anti-Pigment” product line. Her conclusion after completing the test series: “I’m finally me again when I look in the mirror – and that’s the greatest feeling ever.”