This is how permanent hair removal succeeds!

Most women would probably love to do without annoying body hair. Unfortunately, the smooth result after the common methods of hair removal such as epilation or shaving is only short-lived. If you want to get rid of annoying hairs on your legs or in the bikini area for good, laser therapy is the method of choice. This is how permanent hair removal succeeds!

The treatment is based on a physical trick: the light pulse sent by the laser to the skin reaches the hair root via the hair. There, the energy is converted into heat, which destroys the growth cells in the hair root. The laser energy is absorbed by the hair pigment, melanin. The darker the hair, the better. How exactly permanent hair removal works is explained by Dr. Fabienne Bradfisch from the Rosenpark Clinic in the VIDEO interview.

The Rosenpark Clinic uses a diode laser for permanent hair removal. This laser has the ability to obliterate the hair roots with energy waves, preventing hair from forming. The whole thing works by recognizing melanocytes, which are the cells that form the hair and skin pigment.

For which skin and hair types is laser permanent hair removal suitable?

With the newer devices, it is possible to treat all skin types with all hair colors. However, the more pigment present, the better the treatment can be performed. The laser has thereby more points, which are recognized. However, with small tricks and adjustments, it is now also possible to treat darker skin or lighter hair. Important to know: Several sessions are needed here, because you have to be very careful with the energy of the laser.

For which part of the body is laser treatment suitable?

Basically, there are no restrictions. There are different attachments for all regions, so you can also treat everywhere well.

Are there any restrictions?

Permanent hair removal treatment should be performed primarily during the winter months, as direct exposure to sunlight after therapy can lead to permanent pigment spots. The skin should not be exposed to intense sunlight for at least two to four weeks after treatment.

Is laser permanent hair removal painful?

This question is difficult to answer, because each person has a different perception of pain. There are patients who feel the treatment as a slight pulling, others even as quite painful. Before the treatment, however, one can remedy the situation with a local anesthetic or a painkiller.

How many sessions are needed for a good result?

It is difficult to give a blanket answer to this question, as factors such as the number of hairs, skin type and hair color play a major role. On average, patients need eight to ten treatments for arms and legs. On the face, six to eight treatments are often needed to remove about 90 percent of the hair.

What to look for before and after laser hair removal?

Avoid sun exposure for two to four weeks both before and after the treatment. Do not visit a sauna or do intensive sports on the day itself. Sweating and increased blood circulation may increase the skin irritation that exists after treatment.

How long does the result last?

The treated hairs in these areas are gone, however the body can create new hair follicles or reactivate dormant ones that could not be treated at the time. There are usually only a few hairs that grow back.

Are there any risks?

Due to the heat and energy emitted, the skin may be slightly inflamed after the treatment, comparable to a sunburn. Very rarely, slight blistering occurs on very sensitive skin. Other side effects can be pigment spots due to sun exposure.