This is how face modeling from the syringe works

Whether Hollywood starlet, It-girl or model – many famous beauties of this world can call the perfect Jawline their own. But how can you achieve clear contours in the jawline yourself? We reveal how face contouring with hyaluronic acid works.

Showing corners and edges in the name of beauty

Many of our patients feel the need to give their face more definition with the help of injections. In particular, famous prime examples such as Bella Hadid or Kylie Jenner serve as a source of inspiration and are often used as a template for the perfect jawline. But why is a defined jawline and chin so beautiful to look at? A clear Jawline is not only memorable, but likewise a feature associated with youthfulness and femininity. After all, the same applies to beauty as in many other areas: showing corners and edges rarely does any harm as a rule.

Face Contouring with Hyaluronic Acid

A major drawback: unfortunately, very few women have a pronounced jawline. However, there is no reason to despair: injecting the jawline with high-quality hyaluronic acid can help achieve the desired contours quickly, easily, and without prolonged downtime. However, before treating the jawline, it is important to consider the patient’s entire face so that the desired jawline can be sculpted to match the rest of the facial features and contours. When applied correctly, the treatment is painless and low-risk.

Jawline hype for Korean beauties

When it comes to beauty trends, Korea has been considered a pioneer for many years. Thus, the Jawline hype also finds its followers in the Asian country. However, they go one step further: for the perfect jawline, numerous women even go under the knife and have their jawline surgically embellished.

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