The top 6 fitness trends

Get fit while having fun and get your body in tip-top shape in time for bikini season. Here are the latest fitness trends and how they work.

Whether gentle workouts or intense workouts. There’s sure to be something for everyone among these fitness trends. The most important thing is that the workout must be fun and tailored to fit the individual lifestyle. Otherwise, you won’t stick with it.

Fitness Trend: HIIT

A worldwide chart-topper in the studios is HIIT. It stands for “Hyper Inrensive Interval Training” and works like this: sprinting as an intense workout and walking as an active break. The short, hard workouts trigger an afterburn effect that burns fat even in the evening on the couch while watching Netflix Chill. This is because the body repairs the irritated muscles as a result of the load, creating new muscle mass. A HIIT workout is only 15 to 30 minutes per session and should be done two to three times a week. Initial results are visible after just two weeks. HIIT increases the basal metabolic rate, i.e. the amount of energy we consume at rest, lowers blood sugar, insulin and blood lipids.

Still on the rise: wearables

This refers to fitness trackers, small devices that can be strapped around the wrist like a watch – or clipped to the body. They are getting smaller and smaller, and more and more technically sophisticated. The little helpers know exactly what your personal sports program looks like. For example, when jogging: Depending on the device, not only distance and duration can be measured, but also speed, pulse, stress level, calorie consumption and even body fat and muscle percentage. In most cases, the data is transferred to a cell phone or computer via Bluetooth and can be analyzed using apps and programs. Like a personal trainer, some trackers report in and apply gentle pressure. Too little exercise today? Why don’t you go for a quick run?

Fit on the barre: barre fusion

What’s so special about the barre concept? The name comes from French (barre = bar) and a ballet bar is also the focus of the workout. The workout for the whole body is a mix of dance techniques, functional exercises, yoga and Pilates. It ensures that every part of the body is challenged, but not overworked. “It actually sculpts even the smallest and deepest muscles, resulting in a positive change to the entire body silhouette. Every muscle part is worked and stretched immediately afterwards,” says Anja Riesenberg, who successfully implements the Barre concept in Munich’s Studio 12 together with her partner Tanja Krodel. The full-body workout not only burns body fat, but also builds up the muscles in the arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks and acts as a real figure booster. The individual body parts become firm, but remain very elastic and feminine in appearance. And how does a barre session work? The training session begins with warm-up exercises, followed by a workout for the upper body. The barre then works the calves, thighs and butt. Each session concludes with muscle stretching. The fitness program is suitable for everyone and the best thing about it is that you start to see results after just two weeks.

Fitness trend on the move: Bodyweight

Young women in gym testing fitness trendsGetting fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Workouts with your own body weight are ideal for those who are on the go a lot. The exercises can be done practically anywhere. The trend to train with your own body weight is also taught in many studios. Functional training is the ideal combination of strength and endurance. Exercises include classics such as squats, push-ups and lunges. Ten minutes of bodyweight exercises a day can be more effective than many a 60-minute program at the gym.

Body shaping with facial yoga

If you don’t move, you stick together. Behind this motto is the realization that not only muscles keep our body in shape, but also the network of connective tissue, the facies. Under stress, the facial tissues contract, and under constant strain, they stick together. If the fasciae are trained, they are true body shapers. This realization is much more than a fitness trend. In the meantime, there is not only the classic facial training, but also facial yoga. This involves working with facial pathways rather than muscle groups, i.e. a special stretching technique. You don’t stay in the yoga positions as long as in Hatha yoga, for example, but are much more in motion. The body becomes supple, back pain disappears.

Keeps you healthy: the medical fitness trend

Of course we know: regular exercise prevents many diseases. But it is less well known that in certain cases, exercise can even help against acute ailments. A study of hundreds of thousands of patients shows that exercise can even make medication superfluous. So it’s no wonder that more and more medical fitness centers are springing up all over the place. Training concepts are designed both preventively and specifically to help with illnesses such as burnout, high blood pressure, diabetes or back problems. Some services are even covered by health insurance.

Photos: Bruce Mars