The secret of beautiful skin

Even, firm and radiant skin: nowadays one of the most important beauty features.
The appearance of the skin is influenced by factors such as genes, diet and lifestyle. With small tricks, the appearance of the skin can be improved quite individually. In order to understand how best to help your own skin, it is first necessary to deal with the most important facts about the largest organ of the human body.

What you should know about your skin

The skin is our largest organ. Adult humans have a skin surface of 1.5m² to 2m², which makes the skin the most important sensory organ of the body. With it we perceive heat, cold, pressure and pain.
The skin is made up of 3 different layers of skin, each 3mm thin and each performing a different function: The top layer of skin, the epidermis, is always producing new cells. This is where the exchange of nutrients and the release of waste products takes place. It renews itself regularly to eliminate harmful substances. Under the epidermis is the dermis. Here is stored the collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin. The lowest layer of the skin is called the subcutis. It is a layer of connective tissue directly under the skin that protects the body and keeps it warm.
Ergo, it is important to take care of the skin not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for health. How to keep your skin glowing and provide it with the nutrients it needs, we reveal below.

Tips for a healthy and radiant skin

A balanced diet

Experts agree that diet has the greatest influence on our skin. Therefore, products such as cow’s milk, sugar, white bread and wheat flour should be avoided or only a small amount of them should be taken. They promote the development of blemished skin and pimples. Instead, you can switch to substitute products such as oat milk, whole wheat flour or bread. These are a lot better for the appearance of our skin.


Peels work wonders for making skin feel smooth and supple. As the skin “renews” itself on a regular basis, the top layer of skin regularly dies off, leaving the appearance slightly dull and grayish. Peels help here to get rid of the dead skin particles and make the complexion radiant again.
You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket here either, as scrubs can easily be homemade at home: simply mix a scrub on olive oil and sugar, then gently apply to the skin in circular motions. Remove all residue with a damp towel and Tada: The not only feels soft, but also looks like it!

Skinbooster Treatment

The Skinbooster treatment makes the face look fresh and vital again in no time. For this, soft hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin over a large area, boosting collagen formation, stimulating hydration and improving skin quality.
In summary, this treatment smoothes and visibly rejuvenates the skin, resulting in a fresh and youthful appearance. The treatment can be performed on the face, neck and hands and lasts up to 6 months.

High quality care products

Everyday facial care is another very important factor when it comes to a glowing complexion. M1 Select’s doctor-developed skincare products offer the perfect care for every skin type. Does your skin need more moisture? Then use the PURE 5 serum, which is enriched with 5 different hyaluronic acids, making it a true moisture booster. Do you want to protect your skin from pollutants? Then try the SHIELD serum and experience on your own body how easy skin care can be.