The right training against wrinkles

A workout against wrinkles? It is possible! Specific exercises can train the facial muscles and effectively fight wrinkles. – The advantages? The method is extremely simple and free of side effects. Moreover, the exercises ensure healthy and attractive tone of the facial skin. Another aspect that should not be ignored – the exercises also stimulate the regenerative powers of the facial skin.

Recommended exercises for a firmer facial skin

Against drooping upper eyelids Pulling your eyes open helps. This involves pulling the upper eyelids up until you see the whites above your pupils in the mirror. During this exercise, the other muscles in the face remain relaxed. The neck and shoulders are also not strained by this exercise.

The following exercise can be used to relax approx. facial contours tightened are. Close your eyes tightly, hold the tension, open your eyes – as much as possible – and wrinkle your nose. Then hold the tension again, smile, and again hold the tension. Now open the mouth as if to say “o”. After that, make sure to relax, let the face become “loose” and let the exercise “sink in”.

As a rule, for such exercises – per day – a maximum of 15 minutes. Recommendable are five to eight exercisesso that the different parts of the face are all trained. Each exercise should be repeated at least 20 times. However, a longer program is recommended once a week.

Those who want to improve their Face muscles consciously tenses and relaxes, can thus prevent or reduce wrinkles.

Even the posture has an effect on the intensity of wrinkles

Tense posture, which sometimes has existed for years, can also be responsible for deep facial wrinkles. Here helps the Training facial expressions. A classic example are the so-called “Thinker wrinkles”. Those who concentrate hard “train” their wrinkles. Also myopia and the constant squinting of the eyes can promote the thinking wrinkles.

It is important for those affected to consciously relax on a regular basis. Probably the simplest exercise is the “inner smile” represents. To do this, sit comfortably, close your eyes and smile inwardly at yourself. – This relaxes the face and subsequently the tongue and jaw.

Another trick that helps in exercising against wrinkles? – A classic trick that is also popular in the fight against wrinkles is the correct posture. The idea comes from Benita Cantieni. A native of Switzerland, she believes that posture is also reflected in the face. “Chest and pelvis relate to each other in the same way as the upper and lower jaw. If you relax your mouth and jaw and push the pelvis forward, you’ll feel the lower jaw being pushed forward at the same time.” So if you have proper posture, you prevent wrinkles as well.

When facial gymnastics do not lead to the desired success

Even though daily training of the facial muscles is positive in the fight against wrinkles and can prevent wrinkles, in some cases there is still only the way to the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Martha Bernard advises patients on the topic of . If the training does not lead to success or the wrinkles have become so deep, usually only botulinum toxin (short: Botox) or hyaluronic acid fillers.