The power substance oxygen as an anti-aging booster

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We do it every day. Up to 20,000 times. Even when we’re sleeping. Or not thinking about it. We do it all the time. Breathing is arguably our most important bodily function. We can survive for days without eating or drinking, but only a few minutes without the power substance oxygen. Reason enough to take a closer look at this element – because it is also an anti-aging booster. The fountain of youth par excellence.

Anyone who does yoga knows this: in breathing exercises, so-called pranayama, we become aware of a seemingly self-evident activity, breathing. A dog looking down without a long exhalation? Unthinkable. Collective snorting of lips that sounds like horse stables? No problem in the yoga studio. Here, people have long since discovered that the breath is far more than just empty air– and in fact the oxygen present in the air we breathe, or more precisely the atmosphere, is the basis of our life.

All the worse that pure and especially high-energy air an increasingly rare and more precious commodity becomes. Especially Cities are too strong with all kinds of Pollutants polluted. Urban life therefore comes at a price: bad air takes a toll on health, energy and fitness. Those who do not breathe the right air can suffer greatly physically and leave us age faster. It’s no wonder that more and more city dwellers are heading out into nature in their free time, because nowhere is the air as clear and charged with vitality as in the forests. Here, the power substance oxygen is available in abundance.

Luxury good: power substance oxygen

And when you think of it, don’t you immediately smell the spicy air? Don’t you feel the moss under your feet and don’t you also hear the cracking of branches and nothing but silence apart from the chirping of birds? Experiences in nature are stored deep within us because they are among the most valuable experiences of all. Escape to the woods has long had a name: Forest bathing has become the new trend. Around 500 scientific studies have already been published on this subject.

Once again, as with yoga, people from the Far East have shown us the way. In Japan, Shinrin-yoku – in German: Wald(luft)Bad – is a tradition. The idea behind it: If you spend time in the forest, open yourself to it with all your senses through breathing, literally bathe in it, you are doing something existentially good for your soul and body. And this has in particular to do with the Quality air to do. Studies from Asia show that even a one-hour walk through the forest can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol can.

Forest bathing mega trend

The Forest air, which also contains up to 90 percent fewer dust particles than city air strengthens our immune system. There is also good news for our cells, because even free radicalswhich cause us to age, are reduced. So anti-aging fans can rejoice: while in the city our skin is exposed to permanent oxidative stress is exposed to oxidative stress and thus loses elasticity and tends to wrinkle more quickly, an optimal supply of healthy oxygen counteracts the aging process.

Bringing the forest indoors

Valuable oxygen is rare. Yet every cell in the body depends on it. The poerstoff oxygen is now also available in spas and gyms.But what to do if the next clearing is not just around the corner? Pure and energetic air like in the forest can now be breathed not only outdoors, but also in spas, beauty, wellness and fitness studios. The company Spriroyal has developed a completely new breathing air technology has been developed that naturally helps the body to increase the energy absorption of oxygen. In this application, the immediate breathing atmosphere is transformed into a permanently active, energy-rich state using a method modeled on photosynthesis.

New energy for the power plants of the cells

The so-called “Spirovitalization” starts directly at the mitochondria, which serve as power plants for the cells. The intake of high-energy oxygen imitating the clear forest air, which takes place via light breathing goggles or a corresponding headset, demonstrably improves the utilization of oxygen (medically called utlization) in our organism, which leads to many positive effects in the body.

The oxidation process responsible for aging, which we experience, for example, with sliced apples that quickly turn brown, is inhibited. The promise: More energy from the outside as well as from the inside and a more vital appearance. After the Spirovital therapy you feel fitter, more efficient and more concentrated. Spirovitalization works holistically – and for this very reason is being discovered more and more frequently as a beauty application and is readily combined with other proven treatments in innovative lifestyle institutions.

If you want to be beautiful, you have to breathe the power substance oxygen

Valuable oxygen is rare. Yet every cell in the body depends on it. The poerstoff oxygen is now also available in spas and gyms.Many spas, wellness hotels, beauty and fitness studios now offer these body-friendly and contemporary oxygen 2.0 treatments. Because just breathing beautifully, who doesn’t want that? The elegant vitalizers from Spriroyal in the SPA set, consisting of the Avantgarde breathing station and the Stream HS for external treatment, can not only be booked as a main treatment, but are also ideal as a complement to massages or facial treatments.

The effect of this dermovitalization convinces many customers: a most pristine nature imitated Anti-aging process is perceived as beneficial and gives the old wisdom that beauty comes from within a whole new, directly experienced meaning. Additional benefit: the whole thing happens without additional oxygen, as with the methods commonly used up to now, as well as without ozone or substances foreign to the body.

So the German romantics were more than right when they sang the praises of the forest as a place of longing. For where else but in the forest should Snow White have fled? Exactly. Now we know why she was the fairest of them all – and we can do the same.

Text: Dr. Daniela Otto

Lead photo: Max van den Oetelaar, Photos: Teddy Kelly, Fereshteh Azadi, Rachel Williams