The new bodyforming

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The Wiesn is in full swing and the Stuttgart Wasen has just begun. High season for a showpiece décolleté and a sexy body! The final touch for body shaping is provided by creamy helpers.

The most important eye-catcher in the Dirndl is the décolleté. To present yourself in top shape, the right care is called for. Because the subcutaneous fatty tissue has little room here for the elastic, springy collagen network, the skin is particularly delicate and thin. What to do?

Setting the scene for the décolleté

In the “Firm Skin Decolleté and Neck Crème” from the Swiss beauty company skin689, a whole team of active ingredients provides more elasticity and moisture: Crocus bulb extract and an active ingredient complex of coenzyme A, L-carnitine and caffeine help the exhausted collagen and elastin network to get going and say goodbye to wrinkles! Apricot kernel oil ensures that the skin becomes velvety soft. Hyaluron is the specialist for supporting collagen and elastin fibers and provides the skin with intensive moisture. Argan tree extract as well as antioxidant support the firming effect. Price: 50ml circa 44 euros.

Bodyformig against angled arms

Arms are the new cleavage and every dirndl simply looks better when they are shapely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Fat is deposited particularly stubbornly on the upper arms, usually in the course of hormonal changes. In addition, the skin on the outside of the arm becomes rough and dry over the years in many women. How wonderful that there is creamy support. The “Firm Skin Upper Arms Emulsion” by skin689 helps in several ways: A special complex stimulates the energy metabolism and thus the breakdown of fatty acids. The skin’s own collagen and elastin production is also stimulated, which provides more elasticity and defined contours. Sweet almond oil and shea butter help keep the skin supple. Price: 40ml circa 42 euros.

Beautiful legs, tight calves

When celebrating in the festival tent, the dirndl skirts swing and reveal the view of the legs. And what could be more disturbing than unsightly cellulite dimples? The “Crème Anti-Cellulite” by skin689 helps against this with a special, patented active ingredient complex, which can be deposited in the epidermis. Active substance derivatives are then continuously released from this depot. The result: new collagen fibers are formed, the skin on thighs and buttocks becomes firm and taut again. A 44 percent reduction in the area of fat globules and a 22 percent increase in skin elasticity were demonstrated after 12 weeks in each case. By the way, the extraordinary active ingredient complex, which brings lasting improvements, was discovered during a scientific research project. Price: 100ml circa 69 euros.

Ready for the next Wiesn visit?

After the Wiesn visit is before the Wiesn visit? Or, the next event is coming up, but the face is not yet back in top form? No problem! The “Bio-Cellulose Hyaluron Face Mask” from the Swiss company conjures up a fresh glow. It provides the face with exactly the moisture it needs right now. The fine mesh of Bio-Cellulose is made from natural coconut water and has been fermented into a gel-like tissue through a biotechnological process. Moisturizing hyaluronic acid fills in wrinkles from the inside out. An active ingredient called adenosine relaxes the muscles of facial expression and smoothes the skin with an immediate effect. Price: 20ml circa 7 euros.

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