The narrow upper lip

Help! I have a narrow upper lip

Full and voluminous lips have not only been considered the ideal of beauty for ages, but are also seductive. But unfortunately, not all women are blessed with a full pout à la Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. The size and shape of the red of the lips and the lips themselves are subject to great variation. Women who have very narrow or barely there lips usually suffer a lot. However, those who are not blessed by Mother Nature with full lips can rest quite easy, because the desire for a plump kissing mouth can be fulfilled with a hyaluronic treatment.

Possibilities of lip injections

Do you dream of sensual and full lips? Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections is a low-risk procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis and in a short treatment time. Through targeted modeling with hyaluronic acid, the lips can appear naturally fuller and take on a more harmonious shape. In addition, a more balanced overall appearance can be achieved and the radiance of the face can be improved.

The problem: the upper lip

In order to give the lips more definition and sensuality and to adjust the ratio of the upper to lower lip, injections of the upper lip can usually provide relief. However, it is often advisable not only to inject the upper lip, but to put the upper and lower lip in a healthy ratio by injecting, so that the upper lip remains a little smaller than the lower lip.

Injection of the lip contour

If the lip tends to fall into each other and the transition between the skin and the red of the lip – the so-called transition zone – is barely visible, emphasizing the lip contour can give the upper lip more definition and contrast. Thanks to lip contour injections, the transition between the red of the lips, the heart of the lips and the facial skin can be restored. The result: a clear contour is created and the lips look more attractive and the built up lip heart more sensual.

Do you suffer from a much too narrow upper lip? Make an appointment at one of our M1 specialist centers near you and let our specialized M1 doctors advise you!