The most popular treatments with muscle relaxant

In Austria, muscle relaxant the miracle cure for wrinkles is becoming more and more popular. However, the trend is changing from extremely tight and smooth “frozen faces”. The focus: a natural look with plump and plumped skin. To achieve such results, there is an increasing demand on the techniques and skills of the practitioner, as an ever-increasing emphasis is placed on preserving the natural features of the face. We reveal which treatments with muscle relaxants are the most popular among our patients.

How does muscle relaxant actually work?

By injecting muscle relaxant into the muscle, the production of a certain messenger substance is paralyzed. Since this messenger substance is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, the transmission of the signal from the nerve to the muscle cell is thus blocked. As a result, the muscles no longer contract. The muscles are thus relaxed, the formation or deepening of wrinkles is reduced and existing wrinkles are smoothed out again. Since the actual effect of the substance does not unfold immediately after the injection, the final result of treatments with muscle relaxant becomes visible after about 2 weeks.

Which treatments with muscle relaxant are most popular?

Muscle relaxant is used primarily for expression lines in the upper half of the face, as the face moves many muscles here, which can cause deep wrinkles. Therefore, the following three treatment zones are among the most popular:

#1 Treatment of the frown line

Due to the contraction of the eyebrows, the so-called frown line develops with increasing age. The unpleasant wrinkles usually make the face look more severe and leave a grumpy impression on the person opposite. To smooth out the wrinkles, treatment with muscle relaxants can provide relief. If the frown lines are already deeply ingrained, it is often advantageous to additionally inject a small amount of hyaluron to reduce the depth of the wrinkles faster and more effectively.

#2 Treatment of crow’s feet

For many, the fine laugh lines around the eyes are evidence of sympathy and a cheerful disposition. However, if the fine wrinkles turn into deeply ingrained crow’s feet, this is usually no longer the case. To say goodbye to deep smile lines around the eye area, treatment with muscle relaxants can be considered. Here, the wrinkle-smoothing agent is injected laterally around the eyes. Within two weeks, it is thus possible to laugh again without wrinkles.

#3 Treatment of forehead wrinkles

Once disturbing forehead wrinkles have formed, it is difficult to completely smooth the forehead again. For this reason, more and more women and also men are having muscle relaxants injected into their foreheads as a precautionary measure in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles from the outset. For a long-term effect, the treatment should be repeated at regular intervals.

However, the wrinkle-smoothing and rejuvenating effects of muscle relaxant can be applied to more than just the zones described here. Sweat gland treatments under the armpits, on the feet or on the hands are also possible to reduce sweat production.

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