The most popular beauty treatments in summer 2021

Summer is (finally) here! Now that we spend most of our time outdoors, we also want to feel as young and fresh as possible. With which beauty treatments this is possible? We’ll tell you!

#1 Tear trough

Hot summer temperatures often cause our skin to dry out. A tear trough treatment hydrates & plumps up a visible tear trough in the lower eye area. With the help of a hyaluronic acid injection, the tear trough, bags under the eyes and also smaller wrinkles can be evened out. The minimally invasive treatment is painless and the results last between four to six months until the hyaluronic acid is biologically broken down by the body. For an expressive & awake eye area throughout the summer!

#2 Cheek augmentation

Defined facial features and prominent cheeks are still in trend in summer 2021. To achieve this effect, we recommend cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid. Treatment with hyaluronic acid is low-risk and does not cause scarring. The minimally invasive procedure does not affect the natural facial features. In addition to adding volume to the cheek area, this treatment can provide more definition in the cheek area as well as a generally fresher and younger appearance – perfect for summer!

#3 Sweat gland treatment

As much as most people look forward to the hot season, “frequent sweaters” are already dreading it. They associate this time with unpleasant situations in which they have to hide sweat stains and unpleasant odors from the public. Our secret tip: sweat gland treatment with muscle relaxant is an effective and low-risk way to help people with hyperhidrosis live a sweat-free life. The injected substance blocks the sweat glands so that they can no longer be reached by nerve impulses, thus stopping sweat gland production. The effect of the sweat gland treatment lasts approximately between three to six months until the sweat glands start producing sweat again.

If you would also like to be “Ready For Summer”, it is best to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation directly at an M1 specialist center near you. Our specialized doctors will be happy to advise you individually on your desired treatment.