The most modern and effective dermatology in Zurich

Spring has long since arrived in Zurich and especially on these first sunny days we like to spend a lot of time outdoors. The skin, however, reacts sensitively to changes, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. As experts in the field of Dermatology Zurich we apply the latest technologies to effectively treat disturbing skin changes.This allows us to respond to both temporary and longer-term skin changes. The spectrum ranges from cosmetic dermatology to aesthetic medicine. The treatment options are as varied as the complaints that occur. In order to treat them, technical innovations and scientific findings in medicine are used, resulting in a wide variety of treatment options:

Refreshing the complexion in an uncomplicated way

To refresh your own natural complexion, mechanical Peels can be performed in a short treatment. The regeneration of the skin can be stimulated, for example, by the micro-needling procedure. This involves inflicting injuries on the skin by means of targeted, fine stitches, as a result of which the wound healing process begins with the aid of messenger substances. Chemical peels also help to conjure up a fresher complexion on the skin.

These stimulate the regeneration of the skin with new cells by removing the upper skin layers with the help of acidic chemicals. Acidic chemicals can also be used to temporarily fill existing scars. Other methods of scar treatment include their covering and abrasion.

Additionally, silicone-containing creams or nitrogen are used to treat noticeable scars. Larger, sunken scars can be reduced by surgical, minor procedures, making the skin smoother and the complexion more even.

Effectively and gently combat skin disorders

Skin disorders include skin discoloration and redness caused, for example, by allergic reactions. If the skin change is caused by the sun, it may be actinic keratosis. This is treated by increasing the sensitization of the skin by exposing it to red cold light.

As a result, the diseased cells die and are replaced by new, healthy skin cells. However, if the skin changes are not first caused by increased sun exposure, the redness may be due to couperosis. This involves dilated blood end vessels, which can be treated using modern laser technology. Medical dermatology also includes the treatment of pigment spots, psoriasis and skin tumors.

In addition to medical treatments, cosmetic procedures and clarifications for wrinkling, varicose veins, skin discolorations and Hair loss offered. However, for all those who want to have the body hair removed, there is the offer of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technique, in which the wavelength range of a xenon light source is appropriately limited/restricted. Due to the absorption of the light at the hair follicles, the growth ability is limited, or even completely prevented.

Working together to combat wrinkles

In order to counteract the formation of wrinkles, various techniques are used in your dermatology Zurich, which are aimed at (re)establishing the moisture storage capacity in the skin. This can be achieved by means of ultrasound treatments. Another method is that of certain filling materials, which are either applied to or carefully injected into the corresponding skin regions.

In order to exclude allergic reactions, tests are performed in advance of the treatment and only well-tolerated preparations are used. Probably the best known method of treatment of Wrinkles is the protein called Botolinum – “Botolinum toxin”, also “Botox” is called. Here, the contraction of the muscles is prevented, which ensures a smooth facial appearance.

Age-related wrinkles form due to the collagen level dropping, which can be rebuilt using various energy sources. These skin tightening technologies are based on medical procedures that use infrared, radio or laser light radiation. New collagen can also be produced by first extracting the body’s own blood plasma and platelets and then injecting them into the appropriate areas in concentrated form and enriched with various vitamins.

Another treatment method in dermatology Zurich is thread lifting. Here, threads are pulled into the skin at the area to be treated, along which connective tissue is built up. The threads are reabsorbed by the body after a certain time. This rejuvenation method leaves no wounds or scars due to its minimally invasive approach.

Get the summer figure right

Other treatments offered that can be taken advantage of in preparation for summer are applications that affect fat tissue and its reduction. One form used by your dermatology Zurich is cryolipolysis. Here, the fat cells are cooled down through the skin until the cells are permanently damaged and can be broken down.

For those who have a little longer to reach their desired weight and would also like to eat healthier, the BodyCode diet strategy or the HCG cure are recommended. By a balanced nutrition fat is diminished here purposefully at problem zones. If small fat deposits remain despite a healthy diet and exercise, injection lipolysis can be applied directly to the problem area by destroying the remaining fat there.

This variety of modern medical technology procedures enables the targeted treatment of various skin disorders and diseases. However, there is more to a flawless appearance than just healthy skin.

Thus, the Dr. Med. D. Fuchs & Partners AG – Your dermatology Zurich also helps with the bikini figure for the upcoming summer by means of effective techniques, so that the feel-good factor is guaranteed for the most beautiful time of the year. We are specialists in a wide range of treatment techniques. Contact Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.