The laser for beauty – what it can do

Laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular in plastic aesthetic surgery these days. But what is the reason for this? What makes this method so popular – both among specialists and patients? One thing is quite clear: laser therapy is increasingly replacing surgical methods to feel and look more beautiful. And it makes it not only easier, but also more pleasant. Especially for facial rejuvenation and tightening, laser treatment is an innovative and modern option. Especially women want a smooth, even and firm face, but still want to look naturally beautiful. Laser therapy can be used in a variety of ways, for acne as well as age spots, pigmentation marks, wrinkles, scars and sagging facial skin. In a detailed consultation with an experienced specialist, all treatment options can be clarified. It is important to find out together what the patient expects from the laser treatment. The specialist then determines which treatment method is best for the particular skin type, where any risks might lie and what result can be expected.

The general conditions

Some laser treatments need to be scheduled in multiple sessions, repeated at intervals of one to two weeks. These include acne treatment or hair removal. Simpler areas such as the face often require only one treatment. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and usually an ointment anesthetic and cooling of the skin are sufficient for preparation. During the consultation, it will be clarified in advance whether a painkiller needs to be administered after all, if necessary, or whether twilight anesthesia is necessary. About 45 minutes before the laser therapy, the anesthetic cream is applied to the affected part of the body. After the application time, it is removed and the laser treatment begins. The laser is set up in such a way that its intensity can be optimally adjusted to the patient. The decisive factors are the desired results, the skin type, the skin quality and the feasible downtime. As a rule, the patient is fit for everyday life and work again after three to 14 days. However, a stay in the clinic is not necessary.

State-of-the-art technology in the field of laser therapy

Dr. Bernard works with the most modern technology in her practice for plastic aesthetic surgery in Munich. She uses the YAG Laser Joule from Sciton – a laser system that has been successfully used in the USA for several years. This system has been particularly successful in improving skin quality and in the treatment of wrinkles. The technology is mainly used for non-surgical skin smoothing and tightening, but also for scar treatment and removal of age and pigment spots. Thanks to the versatile possibilities of the laser, Dr. Bernard is also expanding the range to include the treatment of acne, permanent hair removal and combating unsightly spider veins. The sophisticated technology makes it possible to adapt the treatment individually to the patient and his or her needs.

The innovative treatment option also includes the BBL flash lamp, which is used especially for permanent hair removal, acne treatment, skin redness and dilated blood vessels. BBL, Braod Band Light, uses short-wave, pulsed, filtered and concentrated pulses of light. Dr. Bernard is the only specialist in Germany to date to offer this type of laser therapy to her patients. Dents and scars can also be treated with laser therapy. Laser energy can be used to superficially ablate and pull together a disturbing scar. The uses of lasers and light are many and varied, which is precisely why they are so popular with specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery and patients. In addition, laser therapy is considered more comfortable than surgical procedures as well as lower risk. This is due to the controlled penetration depth of highly innovative, modern laser techniques. A detailed consultation can clarify any objections and concerns and reveal all the possibilities that the new technology brings.