The important role of hyaluron in derma fillers

Hyaluron is also known as hyaluronic acid or as hyaluronan and is considered one of the most important ingredients of the Derma Filler. But why is hyaluron so important? You can learn more about how it works and its properties in this article.

What is behind hyaluron?

To help you better understand why hyaluron is used as a derma filler, it’s helpful to understand what exactly it is. Hyaluron is a twofold sugar, which is produced via a high water binding capacity and is also present in your body.

It can be found in the skin. Hyaluron has a high influence on the optimal elasticity of the skin. When you are young, your skin contains a large amount of hyaluron, which makes your skin firm. Through the property to bind waterHyaluronic acid also affects the moisture balance of your skin.

With increasing age, your body breaks down more and more hyaluronic acid. The elasticity of your skin decreases, wrinkles and dry patches form.

Interesting: If the amount of hyaluron decreases, your skin cannot bind water as well. The result is the formation of wrinkles or the strengthening of labiomental and nasolabial folds.

How is hyaluron used in derma filler?

When working with derma fillers, hyaluron, due to its natural properties, is a popular choice. The products are often used in the form of gels. The proportion of hyaluronic acid is around 3%. The more of it is contained, the faster an effect is visible.

It is important to ask for which area the fillers should be used. For very fine skin lines and the Use in the area around the lips liquid viscous gels are more commonly used.

If you would like to fill larger areas or even create an optical enlargement, for example on the cheeks, the following gels can be used. more stable gels with hyaluron the appropriate choice.

Definition: Derma fillers act as fillers and are typically used injected into the skin via a syringe. They then act from the inside out, rebuilding elasticity and visually smoothing wrinkles that are already present.

What are the possible applications of derma fillers with hyaluron?

Another advantage of hyaluron is that it is a universal derma filler that can be used for comprehensive wrinkle treatment. Possible are:

  • comprehensive facial modeling
  • Reduction of furrows
  • Injection of wrinkles
  • Volume in the cheeks
  • Volume for the lower eyelids

When used, the skin folds are relined. The result is a smoothing, which visually appears relatively quickly.

Notice: A distinction is made between static and mimic wrinkles. Mimic wrinkles are intensified by muscle activity. Here, Derma Filler with hyaluron has only a limited effect. Better is, in this case with botulinum toxin to work.

It should be remembered that a derma filler with hyaluronic acid is a product that is degrades in the skin in the medium term and works slowly. That is, successes do not appear immediately after treatment, but in the following days.

What is the durability of derma filler with hyaluronic acid?

The fact that derma fillers with hyaluronic acid are used as gels has an important reason. If you work exclusively with liquid hyaluronic acid, your body will break it down within 24 hours. The situation is different with so-called cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

Stabilized with additional ingredients, the active ingredient is absorbed by the body and slowly degraded. This can take from several weeks to several months and is individual.

A Wrinkle treatment with derma fillersThe active ingredient, which contains a proportion of hyaluron, therefore has a relatively long shelf life. In addition: even when your body has completely broken down the active ingredient, new connective tissue with a high proportion of collagen fibers. is built up. As a result, the effect continues even after complete degradation.

In addition, the durability can be influenced by the depth of the injection. If the filler gel is injected superficially under the skin, the durability is also increased.

Important: A delicate touch is required here. Experts have experience with the correct depth of injection. If the insertion is too superficial, bulges may form. If these form, correction is necessary.

How is the Derma Filler with Hyaluron used?

If you decide for a treatment with Derma Fillers with Hyaluron, this has the advantage that wrinkles can be treated differently. Possible is linear injection. Here, a mechanical effect is used.

That is, by injecting the hyaluronic acid, the wrinkles are lifted and the skin is smoothed. Precise work is necessary, because hyaluronic acid has only a small flowing effect has.

Another option is to, a two-dimensional injection to use the Derma Filler. Here, the area around the wrinkles is injected. The result is a plumping effect. However, this is referred to as facial modeling, since it is not exclusively about the wrinkles.

Conclusion on the role of hyaluron in derma fillers

The formation of wrinkles with increasing age is based, among other things, on the degradation of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluron has a tightening and moisture-binding effect. With a degradation of the substance also comes a sagging and wrinkled skin.

This effect can be counteracted by using derma fillers with hyaluron. A particularly great advantage is that this is an active ingredient that is generally present in your body. This means that the risk for side effects is low. However, it is important to see how high the proportion of hyaluron in the gel used is and how extensive the experience of the practitioner is in injecting.

FAQ – Hyaluron in Derma Fillers

How fast does hyaluron work in derma fillers?

The injection directly creates a lifting effect of the skin, which can be seen immediately. However, the final effect occurs only after about two weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Hyaluron is a substance that is also contained in the body, which means that it is very well tolerated. Gels containing hyaluron, which are used as derma fillers, are largely made of water. Possible side effects therefore arise mainly from the injection in the form of swelling and hematomas.

Does hyaluron degrade evenly?

A major advantage of hyaluron is its uniform degradation. This means that the risk of asymmetry developing as a result of degradation is particularly low.