The importance of plastic surgery

As is well known, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what does it mean to be beautiful? Only the mirror in the fairy tale Snow White provides us with an exact answer to this question. The plastic surgery on the other hand, offers more insight. In the context of the four pillarsinto which the diverse field shares, is about more than just a classic ideal of beauty. None of them is dispensable. All the more important can be the realizable possibilities of plastic surgery for the individual person.

Plastic surgery pursues the fulfillment of patients’ wishes not only in the field of aesthetics. Lifting, Botox, liposuction and Breast augmentations or breast reductions belong to an equal field of holistic plastic surgery. As important pillars, in addition to aesthetic surgery, these areas are added:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Burn Surgery
  • Hand Surgery

In this context, there is more to plastic surgery than the realization of an ideal of beauty, which is often presented in a one-sided way by the media. The diverse field of plastic surgery is primarily concerned with restoring the shape of the body after an illness or accident. Breasts can be reconstructed after breast cancer. A cleft jaw, lip and palate can be corrected and severed nerves can be patched up by the plastic surgeon.

The usefulness of cosmetic surgery through plastic surgery.

Microsurgical techniques, the constant development and improvement of surgical procedures are steps that allow patients to have a healthier body feeling can give back. Accordingly, medicine is unthinkable without the broad field of plastic surgery. For people in certain life situations, the four pillars mean the possibility to get a essential piece of quality of life to take back.

Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is not all about facelifts. Also Dr. Martha Bernard, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, in addition to the top favorites of the neck-forehead and facelift, deals with. Breast asymmetries, which in certain cases are to be classified as requiring treatment. For example, in this context, the extent of the asymmetrical appearance affects a woman’s sense of self-worth and shame. And this applies to any other subjectively perceived blemish as well. The psychological consequences should not be underestimated. Depression or a disturbed relationship to one’s own body can be the result.

The well-being feeling and the desire for a better appearance are entitled to each humans, who would like to change something. In addition, the meaningfulness of cosmetic surgery is also determined by the possible health risks. The expert regularly informs her patients about these risks before each operation.

Thereby applies: The more complex the intervention, the higher the risk of realization of risks. This applies in particular to patients whose state of health is already impaired due to a disease.