The beautiful summer décolleté – tips and tricks

Even children are told to sit up straight, stick out their chest and pull in their stomach. Posture has an effect on charisma. Thus, the photo series of Gracie Hagen showed “Illusion of the Body” clearly shows that body tension should not be underestimated. – With the right posture, a slightly sagging bust becomes a shapely breast and a beautiful décolleté. Of course, this also works the other way around – if you have a beautiful chest, but don’t pay attention to your posture, you’ll just show the public sagging breasts.

Finally, the breast consists only of connective tissue, fat and a mammary gland. The pectoral muscle ends where the breast begins. The perfect breast can also be trained: Women’s lie support, breaststroke, pressed on each other “prayer hands” exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscle. They lead to the fact that the chest becomes more beautiful.

The right care

The bust, of course, needs care. The size does not play a role. Wrinkles can be treated without any problems. Pimples, which sometimes appear in summer, can be combated by cleansing milk, alcohol-free facial toners or gentle peelings. The breasts should be massaged with cream should be applied. It is advisable to massage from the bust towards the neck and in a spiral from the base of the breast to the center. This procedure ensures velvety skin and promotes blood circulation.

If the bust is to look particularly good Masks or also Seren help. They supply the breast with smoothing, firming and cell-renewing substances. Adequate UV protection is also important. This can prevent wrinkles and annoying pigment spots.

Between cleavage pads and sleep bras

Breasts don’t just need to be cared for in the morning. – Intensive nighttime treatment is also part of the equation. There are own Sleep bras and Cleavage Pads, which are placed between the breasts. Both utensils provide a firmer décolleté.

With smaller breasts, you save on night care. Since they are firm, wrinkles cannot form. Larger breasts, on the other hand, require more attention.

Speaking of large breasts, women who have small breasts can easily help themselves. A form-fitting cup can put the breasts in the right position. There are also push-ups and silicone cushions that can put a small bust in a new light.

In the end, there is still the option of breast augmentation

Anyone who is more than a little dissatisfied can have their breasts lifted or enlarged to get the cleavage they desire. Martha Bernard, MD, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, has successfully operated on numerous women and knows how to achieve a perfect décolleté in the end.