Ten years younger with laser lifting

Powerd by Villa Bella

Smoother, fresher, and completely without scars – that’s what a state-of-the-art Laser lifting make possible. It is thus less risky and less expensive than a classic facelift. And how does the method work?

At some point, even the best makeup can’t hide the fact: you simply don’t look as young as you feel. That’s because the skin on your face, of all things, is particularly thin. From the age of 25, it begins to age visibly. The pores become larger, fine wrinkles appear, pigment spots destroy the even complexion.

With a classic facelift (which fewer and fewer people opt for), the deep structures of the face are “tightened”, so to speak. However, the appearance of the skin does not change. Only the “protrusions” are cut off from it, so to speak. A smoother, fresher skin appearance, which looks naturally beautiful and young and in which the full mobility of the face is preserved, can be achieved with a special laser lifting.

The fractional Erbium-YAG laser Contour® from the US company Sciton has been used with success for several years in North America for the treatment of facial wrinkles and folds, pigment spots and for tightening the facial skin. Villa Bella in Munich was one of the first practices in Germany to use this laser and has therefore already gained several years of experience. Every year, plastic surgeon Dr. Ludger Meyer treats between 130 and 150 patients with it.

How laser lifting works

The principle is based on a natural phenomenon: even mature skin has the potential to renew itself again. And it will continue to do so into old age! Sometimes, however, the right impulse is missing. The Erbium-Yag laser trigger. How does it work? The focused light penetrates the epidermis and can thus set small injury points in deeper skin layers. This stimulates the tissue Collagen and new cells to produce. Old cells are removed. The result: the skin regenerates, becomes firmer and more elastic. Wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

This so-called “laser resurfacing process” can be applied to individual focal regions of the face, for example wrinkles around the eyes or pleated wrinkles around the mouth, but can also be applied to the entire face and décolleté. Depending on the affected areas and the desired result. During the procedure, patients are in “twilight sleep” – a very superficial form of anesthesia.

Result of laser lifting

After one to two weeks the patients are “socially acceptable” again – with make-up to cover the redness (which indicates the still ongoing repair mechanisms of the skin).

While the natural aging of the skin resumes after a surgical facelift, the stimulated “self-healing program” of the skin continues for the next few months with laser. The result: about three months after the procedure, the skin looks even more radiant! The RESULT lasts an average of seven to ten years and can be repeated at any time if necessary. The COST for a “Full Face Treatment” is about 6,300 euros.