Tear trough treatment with hyaluron – yes or no?

The first morning look in the mirror – for many the anti-highlight of the day. Often, instead of the hoped-for radiant look, you see dark circles under your eyes and swollen eyelids. But how does this unattractive panda look develop and why are some more affected than others? We clear up!

The cause of tear troughs

The skin around the eye area, which can even be seen on closer inspection, is thinner and more sensitive than that in the rest of the face. Since subcutaneous fatty tissue is sparse in the area around the eyes and continues to diminish over time, volume loss can occur here. An unhealthy lifestyle can also be the reason for a sunken tear trough, which can quickly become a permanent part of the appearance.

Completely invalid, however, is the assumption that only older people are affected by a visible tear trough. This is because it can become pronounced and permanently visible as early as the age of 20.

Tear trough treatment with hyaluron – expected results

Plumping up an already visible tear trough is the basic goal of a tear trough treatment. To achieve this, high-quality hyaluronic acid is precisely injected into the lower eye area and placed along the tear trough. The lack of volume is thus compensated for and the eye area is plumped up again and also looks rejuvenated.

Myths of the tear trough treatment

Unfortunately, many are under the assumption that they can also conceal dark eye shadows with the help of a tear trough treatment. However, it is a fact that the hyaluronic acid used in tear trough treatment plumps up the skin and thus minimizes the appearance of dark under-eye shadows, but does not primarily contribute to their elimination. Severe bags under the eyes can also benefit from injections, but there are more effective treatment options for minimizing them.

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