Sweat less: Sweat-free through the summer

Sweating is essential for the body, especially in summer. By sweating, our body regulates its own temperature – nevertheless, the sweat stains on T-shirts or shirts quickly become annoying; especially when they appear at an inappropriate moment. Since we have also had one or the other sweaty experience, we will tell you in the following tricks how you can reduce your own sweat production to be able to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

#1 Choosing the right clothes

One aspect that promotes the development of unpleasant-smelling sweat stains is the selection of clothing made of certain materials. For example, tight-fitting tops with a high polyester content cause insufficient air circulation between the garment and the skin. To allow the skin to breathe freely, it makes sense to wear a loose-fitting top or T-shirt. Breathable functional textiles that absorb sweat are also an aid to minimizing sweating. A tip from us: Wearing textiles made of cotton is not advisable in warm weather, because sweat is absorbed by them, causing unpleasant odors to form.

#2 Drink enough

The common assumption that people who sweat a lot should drink as little as possible is wrong! Just the opposite is true: people who sweat a lot should drink more than normal, because sweating removes a lot of fluid from the body. To balance the fluid in the body, at least one to two liters of water should be drunk per day. Here it is advantageous to drink chilled water, as this gets the circulation going.

#3 Cold and warm – alternating showers

Another trick that helps against excessive sweating is cold and warm alternating showers in the morning. Those who only take cold showers cause an undesirable effect, as the body is thus stimulated to sweat even more. With cold-warm alternating showers, on the other hand, the body temperature is first raised by the warm water and then cooled down again by the cold water. This gets the circulation going and has a refreshing effect on the body. Those who regularly take alternating showers can reduce their sweat production to a pleasant level.

#4 Going to the sauna

Going to the sauna also produces a similar effect. Sweat production is reduced by the temperature fluctuations between sauna sessions. While sweating increases in the sauna, the sweat pores contract when cooling down in cold water after the sauna session, reducing sweat production. The body can thus get used to temperature fluctuations and the sweat glands are “trained”.

#5 Sweat gland treatment

The most effective method for excessive sweating is sweat gland treatment with muscle relaxant. The injection of muscle relaxant causes the sweat glands to become blocked. They can then no longer be reached by nerve impulses, which stops sweat production. Freedom of movement is still guaranteed, however, as the surrounding muscles and contours are not affected.

If you too are interested in sweat gland treatment, please feel free to contact our specialized M1 doctors for a detailed consultation.