Sunscreen reverses wrinkles and protects

The importance of sunscreen has been spreading over the last years and decades. In this country, hardly anyone does without the protective effect of this cream. Sunburn, pigment spots and even skin cancer can be prevented by consistently applying the protection. Those who do without sunscreen are usually punished by an unsightly complexion. A leathery complexion, small wrinkles, the already mentioned pigment spots and a generally dry skin are the long-term consequences of this “renunciation”.

Can sunscreen reverse wrinkles?

While the protective, preventive effect is generally known, another effect of the cream was discovered only recently. It can reverse wrinkles that have already appeared.

A study by the pharmaceutical company “Johnson & Johnson” has now concluded that the overall appearance of the skin was improved by the use of sunscreen. In the study, 32 women used cream with sun protection factor 30 for one year. Fine lines were improved. Pigmentation disorders became less noticeable. However, these observations can only be indirectly attributed to the application.

The skin – like other organs – has a mechanism for self-repair. The applied sunscreen protects the skin from further damage. For this reason, it has enough time to repair old damage.

This clearly shows what the largest organ of the human body is capable of. Even complex damage can be repaired independently. For this, however, the skin needs sufficient protection against further damage.

Whoever uses sun protection can count on the fact that the skin will repair and regenerate itself.

To what extent it makes sense to use sunscreen 365 days a year is not answered by the study. If you want to know when it makes sense to use the cream, you should take a look at the UV index. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection provides forecasts of the UV radiation occurring in each case on its website. In summer and spring, you should apply sunscreen in any case to avoid skin damage.

After laser treatments, an adequate sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is mandatory. You should apply it daily and avoid direct sunlight. This can reduce the irritated skin to regenerate again. Specialist Dr. med. Martha Bernard will be happy to advise you on this in her practice.