Successfully treat mouth wrinkles with Botox

Injection of lip wrinkles is one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic plastic surgery, not only because it is a minimally invasive procedure, but also because the lips or the mouth area have a very important influence on the overall appearance of the face. With advancing age arise from the upper lip towards the nose and from the lower lip towards the chin. often small wrinkles around the mouth, so-called pleated wrinkles, which, however, have a great influence on the facial expression.

Recognize pleated wrinkles

Lip wrinkles – often also pleated wrinkles, smoker’s wrinkles or perioral wrinkles called – are small, fine wrinkles, which are radiating run directly above the upper lip towards the nose and directly below the lower lip towards the chin. Because they run vertically, they are visually reminiscent of a pleated skirt and have thus been given their special name.

It is quite typical for these mouth wrinkles that they often only appear on the upper lip in the beginning and usually only become visible when the mouth is moved, such as when the lips are pointed. With advancing age, however, the small wrinkles also form on the lower lip. They are usually visible without movement. The face looks directly a few years older due to the small wrinkles. In addition, women are understandably bothered by the fact that their lipstick settles in the fine depressions.

Causes of lip wrinkles

It is a Interplay of muscle activity and decreasing skin elasticity with age, which is responsible for the appearance of lip wrinkles.

The mouth is mainly formed by a ring-shaped muscle, the mouth closure muscle. This is mainly stressed when the lips are puckered, for example when kissing, smoking or eating. This is why the fine wrinkles are often called smoker’s wrinkles.

With age the skin increasingly loses elasticity and subfatty tissuewhich also affects the contours of the lips. At the same time, the skin around the mouth is subjected to a great deal of stress due to facial expressions, as a result of which visible wrinkles quickly form, especially in this region. However, not only a brisk movement of the mouth closure muscle due to smoking, for example, has an influence on the development of lip wrinkles. Also UV radiation and the genetic predisposition can favor the wrinkles.

Treat mouth wrinkles with Botox and hyaluronic acid

In order to eliminate already existing, small wrinkles, the most suitable treatment is the Injection of hyaluronic acid an. The depressions can thus be filled in a targeted manner, making the mouth region look fresh and smooth again. However, it is important here that very targeted and dosed because an overspray can result in a so-called parrot’s beak. This is anything but natural. Good specialists therefore use several sessions and very thin hyaluronic acid. In addition to its effect as a filler, hyaluronic acid also has the property of supporting the skin’s moisture and stimulating the body’s own regeneration.

In addition, the Use of botulinum (Botox) to prevent the development of further wrinkles. Since lip wrinkles are mainly caused by the activity of the mouth closing muscle, especially Botox is is a very effective means. – Botox relaxes the muscle and less activity leads to fewer wrinkles. Just as with the use of hyaluronic acid, absolute care is required when injecting Botox. Only a discreet dosage leads to a natural and beautiful result.

Botox relaxes the muscle for about three to four months. However, wrinkles are reduced by a long-term “unlearning” of the movement, and the muscle can also exert less force. This effect can last as long as six to twelve months.