Studies show: Eggs are much healthier than thought

Happy Easter – high season for the all-rounder eggs. For a long time, eggs were taken off the menu as a cause of illness. They were suspected of increasing cholesterol levels and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. What is the state of affairs today?

The opposite is the case! The results of various studies astonish. For example, Chinese scientists led by Liming Li of Peking University report that egg lovers even have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. So the motto is: One egg a day keeps the doctor away?

In the Chinese study, which analyzed data from 461,000 healthy participants, the Chinese scientists came to the following conclusion: the participants who ate one chicken egg a day had a by 26 percent lower riskof developing a stroke.

It is true that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, 280 milligrams per piece. However, the body does not absorb this amount completely, which is why healthy people can even include eggs in their daily diet. Chicken eggs have namely also any amount Benefits: They contain the vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as the B vitamins, minerals such as zinc., Calcium and iron and essential Amino acidswhich the body cannot produce itself.

Eggs as anti-aging booster

So it’s no surprise that eggs are even beauty and Anti-aging food Are. The vitamins and minerals are important nutrients for skin and hair. Vitamin D strengthens the bones and the immune system. The high-quality protein provides plenty of energy and the B vitamins boost the metabolism.

In addition, eggs even Slenderizer. They provide such long-lasting satiety that people who ate eggs for breakfast ate an average of 330 fewer calories throughout the day, according to a Saint Louis University study. In addition, chicken eggs influence the Hormone balance. The released hormone adinopectin enhances the action of insulin in adipose tissue, causing the Fat metabolism pushed is activated. Ideally, this causes the pounds to melt away.

Easter eggs: important tipsOne egg a day keeps the doctor away? In any case, eggs are much healthier than long thought. Eggs are even anti-aging boosters and keep you slim!

On the dyed and boiled Easter eggs from the supermarket. is missing the marking code. So you do not get any information about the origin of Easter eggs. Better: buy organic eggs, cook and dye them yourself. If the eggs are hard boiled (about 10 minutes), not quenched they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Photos: Chepe Nicoli, Revolt